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Refusing the installation of a Linky meter could soon cost you money

The recalcitrant to the Linky meter could soon see their electricity bill increase by 64 euros per year, a sum intended to cover the costs of traditional meter reading

Nine out of ten households are currently equipped with Linky connected electric meter, which allows users and EDF to monitor consumption in real time. But for the 1.2 million households who have not yet switched to small yellow boxes (most by deliberate refusal), the bill could soon increase.

A report published by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) on November 25, announces that refractories in Linky will now have to pay their traditional meter readings. Enedis agents are in fact forced to visit these private individuals to take traditional meter readings and check consumption. These trips will be billed at 5.33 euros per month, or 64 euros per year from 2025. The time to equip with Linky the last households who want it but have not yet been able to benefit from it.

“Dumb customers” also concerned

Other users affected by a price increase: “silent customers”, ie customers who do not send their statements correctly to EDF. These should be billed 4.16 euros per month, or 50 euros per year from 2025 as well.

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