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Have you ever wondered when the long-awaited sequel to “Culpa Mia 2” will be released? Well, you are not alone! Since the release of the first film in this captivating trilogy, fans around the world have been eager to discover the continuation of the adventures of our favorite heroes. In this article, we’ll explore the popularity of “Culpa Mia,” the English and German adaptations, and potential sequels. Brace yourself, because you won’t want to miss this long-awaited ‘Culpa Mia 2’ release date!

The popularity of “Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld”

My fault

Since its launch on Amazon Prime Video on June 8, 2023, the Spanish film « Culpa Mia – My fault » has been growing in popularity among fans of young adult romances. Based on a gripping story written by Mercedes Ronthe film explores the torments and passions of a 17-year-old girl, Noah, who succumbs in love to her wealthy half-brother, Nick.

The original story of “Culpa Mia” originated on the free e-book platform, Wattpad. This platform, known for bringing many literary successes to life, has allowed the story of Mercedes Ron to reach a wide audience. The transition from the computer screen to the big screen was a real masterstroke, allowing “Culpa Mia” to experience a dazzling success.

The growing popularity of “Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld” on Amazon Prime Video portends a bright future for the film. Like the “After” franchise, which also got its start on Wattpad, “Culpa Mia” looks set to be the next phenomenon in young adult romance.

The “After” saga, based on an intense and tumultuous love story also born on Wattpad, has conquered the hearts of fans around the world. Similarly, “Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld” seems well on its way to following that path and setting a new benchmark in the world of young adult romance.

Considering the release date of “Culpa Mia 2”, it is clear that the popularity of this film is on the rise. There’s no doubt that this trilogy has the potential to transform the film industry, just like “After” did before it. It is therefore interesting to closely follow the evolution of this new cinematic sensation.

Release date June 8, 2023
Director Sunday Gonzalez
Scenario Sunday Gonzalez
Mercedes Ron
country of production Spain
Duration 117 minutes
Culpa Mia – My fault

In the “My fault” trilogy

My fault

A captivating story, a forbidden romance and a surprising rise to power, these are the ingredients that made “Culpa Mia” a real phenomenon. Before being a hit movie on Amazon Prime Video, “Culpa Mia” took its first steps on Wattpad, an e-book exchange and publication platform. It’s there that Mercedes Ronthe author, received significant support that turned her words into printed pages.

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“Culpa Mia” is only the first part of a poignant trilogy. The story is indeed divided into three books, a trilogy that prolongs the passion, the torments and the dilemmas of our young heroine. The suites, titled ” Your fault “ (translated as “Your Fault”) and « Our fault » (“Our Fault”), are currently only available in Spanish.

Interestingly, these suites can be discovered for free on the Wattpad platform. For those who prefer paper or Kindle format, the books are also available for purchase. As we eagerly await the release of « Culpa Mia 2 »these books offer a great opportunity to extend the experience and delve deeper into this complex and passionate love story.

My fault-trailer

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Adaptations in English and German

My fault

The world of literature is in turmoil after the announcement of the release of an English adaptation of the first book in the “Culpa Mia” series. The book, which bears the English title of « My Fault »has already captured the hearts of many international readers.

This English translation paved the way for an even greater expansion of the “Culpa Mia” universe. Avid fans are eagerly awaiting the next releases of the trilogy. The suites, titled « Your Fault » et « Our Fault »were announced to be released respectively on December 5, 2023 and the February 1, 2024.

But the expansion of “Culpa Mia” is not limited to English. Given the growing popularity of the adaptation of “Culpa Mia” on Prime Video, it is very likely that German translations of the books will see the light of day. The German title could be “Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld”, aligning with the title of the film. It’s exciting to think about the impact these new translations could have on the international audience of this captivating series.

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However, it is important to note that the German translation might take some time. The English translation of the latest book is slated for release in 2024, so German “Culpa Mia” fans may need to be patient. That said, the wait will only increase the anticipation and excitement around this utterly captivating trilogy.

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The potential cinematic sequels to “Culpa Mia”

My fault

The “Culpa Mia” trilogy is not limited to a single book. Indeed, it spans two more captivating volumes that may soon make their way onto the big screen. Yet, despite growing fan excitement, Amazon has not yet made any official announcement regarding the production of ‘Culpa Mia 2’ and ‘Culpa Mia 3’.

Still, considering the smash success of the first film that took the world by storm, it seems likely that the other two books will follow the same path of film adaptation. Imagining the pages of “Culpa Tuya” and “Culpa Nuestra” come to life in an onslaught of drama and passion is a dream many fans have been waiting for.

This timeout, while frustrating to some, still provides a unique opportunity for viewers. It’s a great time to dive into the source material and get acquainted with the story details before any sequels are released. After all, as the saying goes, patience is a virtue, and if so, it just might be rewarded with an even deeper immersion in the fascinating world of ‘Culpa Mia’.

So, for anyone looking forward to the Culpa Mia 2 release dates, it’s time to dive into the books and let their imaginations take over while we wait for the official announcement. Stay tuned for more information on the future developments of this captivating trilogy.

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See as well

« Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld », the first film of the trilogy « Guilty »

My fault

In today’s cinematic landscape, the film “Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld” stands out as a gem. This TV movie is based on the first book in the best-selling trilogy of Mercedes Ron“Guilty”, which emerged as a worldwide literary phenomenon.

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The film immerses us in the fascinating story of Noah. She is forced to give up her previous life when her mother remarries and she begins to live in her new stepfather’s luxurious villa. At first, Noah resists this life of luxury, but everything changes when she meets her half-brother Nick. The attraction between them is instantaneous, and this forbidden relationship adds delightful tension to the story.

There are no official announcements yet, but if ‘Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld’ is a hit, there’s a good chance that a second and third film will be produced. After all, this is the first part of the “Guiltable” trilogy. So we could soon see the continuation of this captivating story on the big screen.

The Spanish film “Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld” is available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from June 8, 2023. Mark this date in your calendar and prepare to be carried away by this fascinating and forbidden love story.

Stay tuned for the release date of Culpa Mia 2.

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FAQ & questions des fans

When was the movie ‘Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld’ released on Amazon Prime Video?

The movie “Culpa Mia – Meine Schuld” was released on Amazon Prime Video on June 8, 2023.

What is the story of “Culpa Mia” about?

The story of “Culpa Mia” is written by Mercedes Ron and revolves around a 17-year-old girl named Noah who falls in love with her half-brother Nick, a rich and rebellious boy.

Are the sequels to the book “Culpa Mia” available in French?

The sequels to the book “Culpa Mia” are currently only available in Spanish. The titles of the sequels are “Culpa Tuya” (translated as “Your Fault”) and “Culpa Nuestra” (“Our Fault”).

Will there be a film adaptation of the other books in the “Culpa Mia” trilogy?

Amazon has yet to announce the production of ‘Culpa Mia 2’ and ‘Culpa Mia 3’, but given the worldwide success of the first film, it’s likely that the other two books will be adapted.

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