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The number of domestic confirmed cases hit new highs one after another, and the entire Taiwanese epidemic prevention alert has entered the third level. Since the epidemic spread, Taiwan has faced unprecedented epidemic prevention challenges. Recall that when the epidemic just broke out in 2020, many people panic. All walks of life have proposed countermeasures to avoid crowd contact while also driving the rise of digital transformation. How did Taiwan’s industries when the epidemic heats up? Accelerate online and mobile response, become the people’s help for epidemic prevention in extraordinary times?

The pandemic explodes and frightens people!Online and digital services maintain people’s daily lives

As a model student of epidemic prevention, Taiwan has entered an unprecedented period of epidemic prevention for the first time. Last year, when the epidemic abroad was severe, many companies and merchants put forward epidemic prevention measures. For example, the global e-commerce giant Amazon established strict social distance for employees. Standardize and use AI technology to monitor the distance between each employee; on the consumer side, it also reduces the original scheduled marketing operations to ensure that consumers can focus on purchasing people’s livelihood products and maintaining daily needs.

As for domestic operators, in order to encourage people to stay at home, the restaurant chain of the second floor restaurant has also launched a 50% discount for online bookings and take-aways; banking industries such as Huanan Bank have also launched “home finance” services, including online loans and online smart wealth management. , To reduce the risk of people going out. For the necessities of life, the zero-touch service provided by e-commerce has become a big help for epidemic prevention, but when the epidemic comes quickly and urgently, how can we respond to the needs of the people in a timely manner and become the people’s backing in the epidemic?

The pandemic disrupts the plan, the brand is adjusted in a rolling manner, and the public is jointly preventing the pandemic

The sudden epidemic has affected many brands, and the rolling adjustments in e-commerce have been more frequent. In June of the previous year, it was a major e-commerce market. The 618 shopping festival in mainland China is in full swing. The mainland e-commerce leaders such as and Alibaba are in full swing. , Xiaomi’s online platform has been gearing up to carry out various carnival marketing since May 24. Taiwan, such as Xiaopi, MOMO, Pine Cone Shopping, and so on, has also continued to 618 high-end. Taiwan is currently in the epidemic, and many branding crises have been observed as a turning point, and the predetermined schedule has been adjusted. For example, PChome’s 24h shopping mobility will be the most important brand anniversary, which will be directly transformed into “birthday, but the epidemic is fast.” At the same time, we pay tribute to the first-line medical staff, firefighters, police, and logistics personnel who have worked hardest during this period. They turned their birthday greetings into praying together. We insisted on delivering throughout Taiwan without interruption, standing with everyone to protect Taiwan. , Pray that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and Taiwan will be able to resume daily life. At this moment, the brand attaches the most importance to the life on the same island and insists on going through the difficulties with everyone.

It is currently the e-commerce period of the 618 Shopping Festival. /Photo Credit: Press materials
In response to the epidemic, PChome 24h shopping has transformed its long-prepared birthday anniversary celebration. The picture on the left shows the theme of the brand’s original event has been displayed on the Hankyu signboard, and the picture on the right shows the rolling adjustment, praying with the public that the epidemic will pass soon. /Photo Credit: Press materials

In addition, you can also see on the social platform that everyone uses the traffic from the self-media to synchronize government information in real time and share the latest epidemic prevention measures of the epidemic command center, such as legislators Jiang Wanan, Jiang Qichen, Sun Daqian, Hong Mengkai, etc., except for political figures. In addition to providing the public with first-hand information on epidemic policy measures and epidemic prevention on Facebook, it also exerts social influence to connect and urge everyone not to run around at home. E-commerce platforms also provide people with the latest developments in the epidemic on the Facebook community, and take the initiative to send peace-of-mind messages to people in affected areas, and notify the arrival time by email, so that people know that the supply of goods is safe, and there is no need to panic and grab purchases.

Through the influence of the community, it can effectively remind people to prevent the epidemic at home and quickly transmit information. /Photo Credit: Press materials

Follow the government’s dynamics to provide “stage shopping”, and deliver it safely when you can buy it

Following the government announcement, many industries have also undergone phased adjustments in response to the continuous escalation of the epidemic. For example, many restaurants first launched take-out discounts or launched take-out areas outdoors, and the second stage was to launch bento or set meal combinations to attack the take-out market, and then to join the ranks of delivery, or even launch home delivery packages to keep the public from going out. You can also enjoy delicious food and provide staged services to meet the needs of consumers.

E-commerce companies also look into consumer needs and give priority to providing people’s protective equipment, such as masks, alcohol and other cleaning and disinfection products; the second stage is daily necessities, such as instant noodles, toilet paper, instant dishes, etc.; the third stage is home office work and diversion Office supplies and laptops needed after the measures are initiated, especially after the suspension of classes, children’s home learning cannot be interrupted, so online learning supplies must also be indispensable; and with the closure of leisure and entertainment venues, the fourth phase of the campaign will be launched. Fitness products encourage everyone to exercise at home. In the fifth stage, in response to the suspension of classes and classes in some areas, home entertainment products are also introduced to solve the depression caused by long-term staying at home.

Many restaurants have undergone phased adjustments in response to the epidemic. /Photo Credit: Press materials
E-commerce also plans staged shopping to meet consumer needs. /Photo Credit: Press materials

During the epidemic, in order to comply with the epidemic prevention policy, people began to reduce their outings, and the demand for purchasing daily necessities quickly shifted to online purchases. A large number of consumer goods purchases were switched to e-commerce and gourmet platforms to satisfy them at one time, and the delivery platform was also actively looking for more partners, such as Taiwan Railway Bento, IKEA, etc. In the past, brands that were only sold by physical entities began to cooperate with delivery platforms to allow consumers to buy one-stop shopping; even the large Taiwanese taxi fleet has also begun to transform into the catering delivery ranks; many major catering brands are also accelerating their digitalization, such as Wangpin , Food Paradise; department stores have also been changed to take-out delivery due to the prohibition of internal use. For example, the entire Taiwan Yuanbai set up a “Quick Lip” on the first floor for consumers to take out and pick up, and an online “Stay Home” product area. It has also grown significantly as a result. E-commerce and delivery platforms, as the backing of daily necessities during the epidemic prevention period, have also adopted corresponding safety measures. For example, PChome 24h shopping not only implements the non-contact epidemic prevention policy, but also increases the purchase of “epidemic insurance” for employees. The cost is fully borne by the company. Protecting employees and protecting consumers’ safety; Coincidentally, food delivery platforms also call on consumers to use credit cards instead of cash payments, in order to ensure that consumers are provided with comprehensive and safe epidemic prevention protection on the crucial last mile. .

Delivery and logistics companies cannot deliver goods upstairs. The last mile guarantees the safety of employees and consumers. /Photo Credit: Press materials

The epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the whole Taiwan to get through the difficult times together!

In response to the suspension of classes across Taiwan, the Ministry of Education took the initiative to open many online resources to provide digital cloud-based online courses and online homework, allowing students to stop classes without stopping, and to learn online at home. PaGameO, which has been promoting an online game learning platform, has also cooperated with Tzu Chi to implement online learning for epidemic prevention, using the concept of online e-sports games to conduct environmental education, creating environmental education and awareness of epidemic prevention, and promoting digital learning while taking advantage of the epidemic. Many gyms and personal trainers have also launched online training courses to encourage people at home to exercise more choices, help improve immunity, and reduce feelings of depression.

After spreading out the footprints of confirmed cases, traditional markets and fresh food supermarkets have become clusters of hotspots. E-commerce platforms with fresh food supplies have become a crucial epidemic prevention force during the epidemic. Online shopping can reduce interpersonal contact, and prepare for epidemic prevention with peace of mind. Living supplies. Physical supermarkets have also begun to cooperate with delivery platforms to launch fresh produce areas to reduce the risk of group purchases. On the other hand, farmers’ associations in various counties, cities, and towns are also launching fresh home delivery such as vegetable boxes, fishery boxes, and meat boxes at this time, so that everyone can go to the market at home with peace of mind, shopping online and satisfying, Taiwan’s largest agricultural product transportation and sales The company Beinong also launched a variety of vegetable boxes to meet different needs of families and consumers.

The industry has launched a vegetable box to meet the needs of the public through online ordering.Image source: /Photo Credit: Press materials

Last year, because of Taiwan’s success in epidemic prevention, everyone was worried about whether they missed the wave of global digital transformation. However, at this critical moment when the epidemic is heating up, we have also seen Taiwan’s digital and online changes have brought great changes. People can All walks of life play a vital role in maintaining daily life. I believe that when more positive energy is needed, we can continue to assist each other and persevere.

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