René Robert, photographer, died in the middle of the street in indifference



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How to explain that a man could die of cold, in the street, in the general indifference? Tuesday, January 18, René Robert, professional photographer dropped in Paris. He then stayed 9 hours on the ground without anyone helping him.

René Robert was a renowned photographer. At 84, he died last week in the heart of Paris on a sidewalk, under the indifferent gaze of passers-by. Tuesday, January 18, around 9 p.m., the photographer felt unwell in the middle of the street, collapsed in front of a building door unconscious. The emergency services are alerted only the next morning by a homeless person, but it is too late to save the octogenarian in a state of hypothermia.

The photographer remained lying on a sidewalk all night, for 9 hours, without anyone coming to help him. The associations estimate that 600 people die in the streets each year. Faced with this observation, the Red Cross recalls that to save a life, all you need to do is be vigilant and adopt the right reflexes. René Robert was a tireless admirer of flamenco. It is an art that he liked to share with the public through his photographs.


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