Renzi puts the Italian Government on the edge of the precipice

The Maupal cartoonist, famous for his creations of Pope Francis in the style of superman, has masterfully shaped the new political crisis that seems about to explode in Italy. On a very long wall Pietrasanta, a town in Tuscany, has left his last work. Is named ‘Strip strip’ and shows a thick rope held by one hand on each side. The one on the right is accompanied by the fist of a red jacket, the color of the Democratic Party (PD), while the one on the left is yellow, that of the 5 Star Movement (M5E). In the center of the image it is seen that the rope is almost broken because its sides are only joined by a thread, which is prepared to cut with scissors Matteo Renzi, the leader of Italy Viva, the third party that forms the coalition that sustains the Executive of Giuseppe Conte.

The image of Maupal reflects well the ambition that the former Italian prime minister has for being a protagonist again. After founding a new political force splitting the PD last September, Renzi seems every time more uncomfortable with the government alliance. Now he even threatens to call a vote of censure against the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, of the M5E. The reason is that he does not agree with the reform of the prescription times of the processes promoted by Bonafede and that, in the opinion of the leader of Italia Viva, will only serve to further delay the already long judicial processes.

In a sample of the air of rupture that, once again, begins to breathe in the Italian political environment, Renzi offered on Thursday night a sign of his disturbing mood. The two ministers of his party, Teresa Bellanova and Elena Bonetti, did not participate in the Council of Ministers that approved the decree that reforms the criminal process. It was the staging of his opposition to this new law and, in particular, to Bonafede and Conte.

To further strain the environment, Renzi engaged himself in a crossroads of accusations in the media with the prime minister, who has described as «Surreal» the situation you are living the Executive for the internal opposition of a coalition party. Conte forgot to use that adjective that only by using surrealism can Italian politics be understood on many occasions, always in search of arabesque and hungry for instability.

Although his party only has 4% in intention to vote, according to the latest polls, Renzi sits in a force position because if he removed from the alliance his 30 parliamentarians, it would cause the fall of the Executive, who would remain in the minority in the Senate.

In the government coalition, coexistence is already complicated enough without the need of the maneuvers of the leader of Italy Viva for the antagonism and distrust between the M5E and the PD. These two political forces are mainly joined by the common enemy of the Matteo Salvini League, the first party in the polls with around 32% in intention to vote and with great possibilities of forming a government in case of early elections thanks to its alliance with the conservative Brothers and Italy parties and Forza Italia.

In the political crisis that seems about to explode, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, would play a decisive role, since the Constitution makes the head of the State a protagonist in these situations. On Thursday, Conte informed by phone how Mattarella was doing, which he would accept according to local media held elections after summer. On the other hand, the third Government of this legislature does not seem willing to be removed from its sleeve, after the current one and the one that the M5E and the League formed before for fourteen months and which fell last August.


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