Report from the match FC Porto – Juventus FC: statistics, report

Successful starts in both halves led to the Porta footballers entering the double match of the eighth finals of the Champions League with Juventus victorious. The score was opened by Taremi, after a break he increased Marega and the contact goal for the final 2: 1 was scored by Chiesa.

The Portuguese team entered the match with four defenders, an equal number of midfielders and a pair of forwards. Manafá, Mbemba, Pepe and Sanusi introduced themselves before Marchesín. In the middle of the field, Oliveira and Urib entered, and Corona and Otavi ran along the side lines. Marega’s tandem, Taremi, was in charge of scoring goals.

Conceica’s counterpart Andrea Pirlo chose the exact same position. Wojciech Szczesny conducted in front of him a deer pair consisting of de Ligt, Chiellini, who were to be supported on the lines by Danilo and Alex Sandro. In front of them, Chiesa and McKenni jumped on the wings, between which the middle pair Rabiot and Bentancur operated. Kulusevski and Ronaldo were the highest.

Already in the second minute of the match, the people of Turin showed a huge rough. Namely, it was the midfielder Bentancur who returned the ball to Szczesný so badly that it was picked up by Mahde Taremi, who, with the help of luck, stabbed the ball behind Polák’s back.

When a quarter of the match was played, the lead could have doubled. From some twenty meters, Oliveira tried it, whose dotted attempt certainly frightened the goalkeeper and the “old lady” fans. Shortly before leaving for the locker room, the goal account of the match could be equalized by Rabiot, against whose interesting shot Marchesín flashed, who pushed the ball to a corner kick.

Just a few seconds after returning from the locker room, Porto’s score really increased. On the right side, Manafá penetrated brilliantly, presenting it to the fire to Mouss Mareg. He moved the ball and with the second touch on the closer rod overcame the goalkeeper. Oliveira soon tried it, this time breaking his teeth in Szczesný for a change.

Only then did the guests become more threatening. Chiesa tried it from an interesting position, his double-pointed blow causing Marchesín great trouble. But it was Federico Chiesa who was ultimately a hero for Juventus, who scored a much-needed outdoor goal. He got to Rabiot’s pass and with a blow from the first to the back pole, he rippled the net.

It could be compared in a flash, but Morata would have to make much better use of his approach to the lime. In the end, his shot flew only in the middle of the goal, which was no problem for the goalkeeper like Marchesín.

In the end, a doubtful situation arose when Ron Laldo jumped in the penalty area after De Ligt’s passport. However, the judge’s whistle remained silent and the score was 2: 1.

Both teams have plenty of time to prepare for revenge. It is not played until March 9, ie in less than three weeks. In Turin, the home team needs to succeed with a ratio of 1: 0 or two goals, otherwise its pilgrimage to the most prestigious club competition will end very soon. The inconvenience for Juventus is that he was kicked out of Danilo for the second match, which can be an even bigger problem, given that a possible replacement for Cuadrad is plagued by a muscle injury.

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