Reportedly having an affair, Dory Harsa’s ex-wife says this

Dory Harsa. Foto: Instagram, JAKARTA – Marriage Dory Harsa and In Kharisma reveals the fact that the 27-year-old man was previously married and had twins. Reportedly, Dory’s ex-wife named Thari Eka had an affair and went to Sumatra.

Answering all these accusations, Thari gave his explanation. Regarding the news that he had left Dory, Thari did not deny it because of something he could not tell.

Thari emphasized that Dory’s family knew that her membership was also known at that time, who at that time went out with her father and not some other man.

“It was rumored that I was leaving Dory, because it was a third party, thank God it wasn’t. I returned to Sumatra and I was with my father. And Dory’s brother, my brother-in-law, found out, because I said goodbye. It’s not like I was reported to have left without such news, ”explained Thari on the YouTube Channel, KH Infortainment, Monday (21/9).

Thari said that he and Dory officially divorced in August 2019. Regarding the reasons for the divorce, the mother of two was reluctant to reveal it.

“I really can’t tell the trigger because it’s privacy, which is definitely not because of a third party, right,” he said.

He also wondered why he was branded cheating on Dory.

“I myself do not know when I cheated on him, where, because as long as I was with Mas Dory, I never did anything strange, or diverted, even going out of the house without Dory’s permission did not come out,” he explained.


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