Researchers create steak from human cells

Ph. The Design Museum

A team of American researchers and designers has just unveiled a rather futuristic steak: Ourborosn, a piece of meat made from human cells. <!– –>

The Ourborosn steak is presented as a “Do it yourself” kit, so that each consumer can create it at home, from their own cells. The idea is to preserve the environment and animal species, while satisfying the appetite of meat lovers.

The kit, which is of course not yet marketed, allows consumers to harvest their cheek cells and grow them for three months to obtain a ready-to-use human mini-steak.<!– –>


Prototypes of this extraordinary steak are on display at the Design Museum in London. They come in the form of small red meat appetizers.

Thanks to the Ourborosn steak, consumers can be sure to “always know the origin of their food, how it was raised and that the cells were collected in an ethical manner”, one can read on the site of the project.

Cannibalism? The creators deny it. Even if, they concede, this method is less tolerated in our societies than the other techniques of meat production in the laboratory, which are also the subject of much criticism.

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