“Resident Evil 8” will probably come in 2021 – with an unpleasant detail

Updated April 6, 2020, 4:13 p.m.

Most recently, Capcom worked on reviving old “Resident Evil” parts, but next year there will be a new offshoot of the horror series for the first time. The leak also reveals a detail that not all fans should like.

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“Resident Evil 8” should come in 2021 and be played from the first person perspective. At least that’s what Leaker AestheticGamer (aka Dusk Golem) claims. “It’s first-person, and many purists will hate it because it turns away from many familiar things about story and opponents,” he says. “Hallucinations, occultism, madness and distrust of others will be the big issues of the game,” he predicts via Twitter.

One thing is certain: Whoever did not like the first person perspective on “Resident Evil 7” will be less than enthusiastic about this rumor. On the other hand, anyone who thinks that horror looks particularly intense from a first-person perspective can be curious.

The Leaker also names a release date, albeit a very diffuse one: Sometime in the coming year, the eighth part of the survival horror classic is due to come. Elsewhere, aesthetic gamers become amazingly concrete. The game was originally intended as a spin-off from the “Resident Evil Revelations” series, but the decision-makers at developer and publisher Capcom were probably so impressed with the first impressions that they did not want to market the result as “Resident Evil Revelations 3” , but as the official eighth part of the main brand.

“Resident Evil 8”: Is the source credible?

The Leaker also predicts that the title should appear equally on the upcoming and the current generation of consoles.

It is not always easy to separate the truth of such rumors from pure speculation, but the credibility of the source speaks for itself: AestheticGamer had been right several times with its prophecies. For example, when he predicted that the “Resident Evil 3” remake would come earlier than expected. On the other hand, he was already wrong – among other things with his prediction that several “Silent Hill” games would be in progress at the same time.

Actually, Capcom was expected to reveal more about the project at E3, but the fact that the fair was canceled due to the corona pandemic requires patience. (Tsch)


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