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Event news Resident Evil Showcase: Our opinion on the announcements

Last night took place the showcase revolving around the Resident Evil saga. For a little over 15 minutes, we had the right to several announcements concerning the next episode of the series, Resident Evil Village, but also some information concerning the 25 years of the saga.

The least we can say is that Capcom got straight to the point and after certain information concerning the release date, the machines concerned and the Collector’s editions, we quickly got to the heart of the matter. If the game should not revolutionize the saga, we must admit that the RE Engine once again works wonders (in lighting for example) and that the “action” orientation which brings it very close to Resident Evil 4 is not to displease me. We thus find the merchant, a similar management of the inventory, etc. However, we hope that the developers will have the audacity this time to break the codes of the series a little by really putting a foot in the pure and hard fantasy, which suggests the bestiary of the series with its werewolves and other vampires. .

The Showcase continued with an announcement linked to the 25 years of the saga via the announcement of a competitive game, RE:Verse. Surprising, not to say deceptive, as multiplayer has rarely gone hand in hand with the Capcom saga. Keep in mind that the game, in cell-shading, will be free for those who have pre-ordered Village. It’s already that !

We will quickly go through the various Collector’s (including the Deluxe Edition with at least limited content synonymous with a maximum level of difficulty, a musical theme and other bonuses of the same ilk) to end on the partnership between Ubisoft and Capcom. The latter will allow players to The Division 2 obtain skins and other items from the first three Resident Evil for a limited time.

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