Responsible for the explosion of the port, “No one is able to answer”

Wiam Wahhab, head of the Arab Tawheed Party, indicated that “there is serious information that one of the embassies is working to pressure the investigations and put pressure on the detainees to put Hezbollah’s name in the issue of nitrates in the Beirut port file,” saying: “there are suspicious statements because they are” preoccupied with or Changed in the case of the port explosion.

In an interview with the “Voice of People” program with the media, Mario Abboud, via “Voice of Beirut International” and “LBCI”: “I deleted my tweet about Hassan Koraytem’s testimony to avoid controversy, although I heard about the subject of Koraytem’s testimony in Adliya.”

He added, “We are distracted by the negligent people on the sidelines of the case, and we forget the issue itself regarding the issue of the port explosion.”

He called for the judiciary to decide on cases of suspicion and response, saying: “The most important thing is not to lose the main issue.”

He said: “In a crime of this kind and of this size and with this insignificance, no one is waiting for the negligent only, but people are waiting to know how the crime happened, how the nitrate arrived and how it remained.”

He continued: “My opinion is that the one responsible for the explosion of the port, “no one is able to answer.”

On the government issue, he said: “There is a need for the government to walk, and we need reforms, because the situation is bad.”

He continued: “Saudi Arabia and Iran are governed by dialogue to manage the Gulf region and wider than the Gulf region. So let us ‘dry up’ ourselves while we are bound to give the government a chance and for this government to succeed.

He added, “The public sector can bear it a little, because salaries in it no longer have any value… and joint public transport today is a top priority and open workshops and meetings on the issue of joint transport to secure all of Lebanon.”

He continued, “I am completely against smuggling, and smuggling stopped some time ago because the “black market has made money for young people” and its risks are less.”

On the issue of electricity, he said: “I hope that Berri and Basil will stop their struggle over electricity and treat it as a file that concerns all Lebanese.

And he added: “If the World Bank is convinced with us, let it build commodities. Where is the problem? The problem is political.”

He said, “I advise President Najib Mikati to focus on the issue of joint transportation, as there are thousands of students who do not reach their universities, the security forces, or the professors, and the matter is a top priority.”

He pointed out that “the dollar, if we work, will reach 12,000 pounds, and if we do not work properly, it will rise.”

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