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As of September 2021, the graph of the sales growth rate compared to the same period of the previous year. (Provided by: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

[천지일보=황해연 기자] The sales of major retailers increased by 8.2% last month due to the spread of ‘retaliatory consumption’ due to the prolonged novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) situation.

According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s ‘September 2021 Sales Trends’ of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, offline sales of retailers increased by 3.3% compared to the same period last year, online sales by 14.5%, and overall sales by 8.2%. Total sales were estimated at 13.2 trillion won.

This is interpreted as an increase in sales at major retailers last month due to the spread of ‘retaliatory consumption’ due to the prolonged Corona 19.

By item, the largest increase in sales was in the order of famous overseas brands (38.1%), food (9.3%), services/others (21.7%), and fashion/miscellaneous goods (10.9%).

By business type, offline sales increased by 3.3%. Sales at large marts and corporate supermarkets (SSMs) fell 13.3% and 16.1%, respectively, but department stores increased 24.3% and convenience stores 9%. This is analyzed to be attributable to the continued ‘social distancing’, an increase in online shopping demand, and the exclusion of disaster relief funds.

In particular, in department stores, sales of ‘luxury’ rose 38.1%, and sales of household goods rose 17.4%. With the recent spread of golf trends, sales of children’s and sports also increased by 36.9%.

Convenience stores led to an increase in overall sales due to an increase in sales of alcoholic beverages and snacks, an increase in the population who did not return home during Chuseok, and an increase in sales of household goods.

In the case of online, it has maintained double-digit growth since March, recording 14.5% last month. By item, sales of food (17.1%) and cosmetics (19.9%) showed an increase. Service and other sales also grew 44.9% thanks to the continued brisk sales of e-coupon-related products and increased sales of travel products.

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