Revealed, Hearing Loss Can Be A Symptom of Type 2 Diabetes: Okezone Lifestyle

INTERFERENCE hearing could be one of the symptoms type 2 diabetes. The disorder is in the form of hearing loss slowly. This is thought to be due to hearing nerve damage.

As quoted from the page Express, Tuesday (23/2/2021), has blood sugar prolonged height can affect the supply of blood or oxygen to the nerves and blood vessels inside ear.

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Over time, these blood vessels become damaged, affecting the patient’s ability to hear properly. Diabetes has been linked to hearing problems in various studies.

Research shows that hearing loss is twice as common in people who have diabetes than in those who are healthy. Researchers have analyzed data from hearing tests of adults between the ages of 20 and 69.

They concluded that diabetes can cause hearing loss by damaging nerves and blood vessels. Similar research suggests a possible link between hearing loss and nerve damage.

“Some people may experience more unusual symptoms and signs of diabetes. Usually the range and combination of different symptoms that a patient will experience before being diagnosed with diabetes will vary from case to case,” said London-based health expert Dr. Amy Bibby.

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Blood vessels can be damaged if people with high blood sugar. Hearing loss can be another, more unusual symptom of pre-diabetes in those with higher blood sugar.

“This is because the blood vessels and nerves in the ear are more likely to be damaged and therefore cause hearing loss,” he explained.

It is known that high blood sugar can damage blood vessels throughout the body, including the ears. If you have diabetes for a long time and it is not well controlled, there may be damage to the extensive network of small blood vessels in the ear.

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Evidence suggests that women with diabetes are more likely to experience hearing loss than those without diabetes. This also applies to women with well-controlled diabetes.

Another complication of diabetes is nerve damage which can affect the auditory nerve causing hearing loss.

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