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After months of waiting, tomorrow Friday will finally debut Wandavision, the first Marvel Studios series for Disney Plus.

The production will bring back to life Wanda and Vision, two characters who became favorites of the public for their tragic and – little explored – love story during their appearance in the various installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Elizabeth Olsen y Paul Bettany They will resume their respective roles, although this time, they will be immersed in a reality very, very different from the one we had known in the MCU.

BioBioChile had access to the first three episodes of the long-awaited series, which takes a journey through the history of sitcoms, mixes humor, romance and mystery, and gives us an impressive amount of easter eggs.

The bet starts with Wanda and Vision wedding dresses in the 50s, reaching a neighborhood that seems to be “perfect”.

But How is this possible if Vision died in Avengers: Infinty War? That is the big question that remains with the viewer all the time, and that at least in the first episodes is not completely resolved, although there are some indications.


But beyond this, we can see the couple living a suburban life, trying to fit in with their neighbors and friends and hiding their powers, all set in classic sitcoms.

In fact, the first minutes of the series seem like a chapter straight out of I Love Lucy, The Bewitched and I dream of Jeannie, with recorded laughs and shots from an angle.

The writers, too, do a great job with jokes, using clever jokes on common themes of the time like macho advice circulating in magazines.

As the program progresses, the eras and the respective television technology also advance, until the 70s where the black and white of the first episodes is left behind to give way to the color image.


Perhaps the first few minutes, for those who are not a fan of the comics or the MCU, the series could get a bit tedious and even get lost in what they are watching.

On the other hand, those who are fans of special effects, which Marvel had us used to, might also get bored with the old technology, but somehow the script catches the viewer again with pequeno moments that allow to build this spider web of mystery.

An example is when in the middle of a conversation with a neighbor, Wanda begins to hear a strange message on the radio. “Wanda, who is doing this to you?” Says a voice that apparently only she can hear

But while the special effects chosen to illustrate each era could be disappointing for some, the nods to various well-known names will thrill the most faithful.

Without going into big spoilers, Pay close attention to commercials that appear between scenes. More than one surprise will be appreciated.


Your main threat

Perhaps the greatest risk of the series, it may be those viewers who do not have a complete knowledge of the MCU or the comics. For someone, for example, who doesn’t know about Wanda’s powers, they won’t be able to quickly understand that this sitcom scenario is a sham and they probably won’t stick around until the end of the chapter to find out.

Maybe that’s the reason why the episodes are not very long at the beginning. In fact, The first three have an approximate duration of 30 minutes each.


The performances are really remarkable, since from Olsen a Kathryn Hahn (like the annoying neighbor) they manage to capture the essence of old television, where overacting was common and even the way of moving was different.

There are also brief moments where we can see how Wanda changes in a second from her character of “perfect and funny wife” to being the real Wanda we met in Avengers. Something that also shows Hahn, who hides more secrets than he says.

What is clear is that all this sitcom atmosphere will not last forever, but it will be very interesting to see how this mystery will be unraveled.


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