Rhaetian Railway: “The situation is relaxing a bit”

RhB is lifting certain line closures

The snow masses also partially bring the operation of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) to a standstill. As the RhB writes, the avalanche situation has now been defused. With a lot of effort, some stretches were again drivable and cleared. However, it is not yet possible to operate according to the schedule.

  • The Chur – Arosa line will remain closed until Saturday morning, and there will be no rail replacement service until then. The line is scheduled to go back into operation tomorrow, Saturday, January 16. According to the RhB, the first continuous train leaves Arosa at 7.48 a.m. and Chur at 8.08 a.m.
  • The closure on the Klosters Platz – Davos route has been lifted.
  • The Davos Platz – Filisur route remains closed for safety reasons.
  • The regional trains between Pontresina – Scuol are canceled between Saglians and Scuol-Tarasp. Travelers coming from Pontresina change trains in Sagliains.

How long the lockdowns last is not yet known.

Several villages completely cut off

In the canton of Graubünden, various villages have been completely cut off since yesterday evening at 8 p.m. For safety reasons, the following villages can currently neither be reached by car on the road nor by the Rhaetian Railway:

  • Disentis
  • Curaglia
  • Pigniu
  • Slim
  • Safien
  • Monbiel Monastery
  • St.Antönien
  • Schuders
  • Valzeina
  • Davos Sertig
  • Davos Dischma
  • Latsch
  • Ftan
  • False
  • Zernez

The following sections of the route are also closed:

  • Engadinerstrasse between Brail and Susch
  • Engadinerstrasse between Martina and the national border
  • Samnaunerstrasse between Vinadi and Spissermühle (Samnaun can be reached via Pfunds)
  • Ofenbergstrasse between Zernez and Tschierv

According to the Graubünden canton police, the situation on the streets did not deteriorate during the night. “We only had a few reports from vehicle drivers who did not get any further,” explains Markus Walser, media spokesman for the Grisons cantonal police, to Radio Southeast Switzerland. No accidents were recorded overnight. The Grisons cantonal police still recommend staying at home if possible and only making urgently necessary trips.

You can find the current road conditions under the following link: strassen.gr.ch

The network of the Rhaetian Railway is still severely restricted. The current position on the rails can be found at this link: rhb.ch

Autobahn: Blocking lifted

The closure of the A13 motorway to the south has been lifted. Viasuisse wrote of a “precarious situation” at the time of the lockdown. The closure of the San Bernardino route A13 affected the section between Maienfeld and Landquart. The section between Thusis-Süd and Bellinzona-Nord is still closed to trucks with trailers and articulated lorries.

The train stands still

The snow masses also partially bring the operation of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) to a standstill. As the RhB writes, three routes are closed for safety reasons:

  • the Chur – Arosa line, da the road is also closed, there is no rail replacement service
  • the Klosters Platz – Davos line, where rail replacement buses operate
  • the Davos Platz – Filisur line, there is no substitute operation
  • the Sumvitg-Cumpadials – Disentis route in the upper Surselva; here, too, no rail replacement service can be offered

It is not yet possible to say how long the blocks will last.

In addition, there may be disabilities, delays and train cancellations on the entire RhB route network, as RhB further reports.

Aroser can drive home for two hours

The road between Chur and Arosa is closed due to the risk of avalanches. However, the road will be open for two hours between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., as reported by the canton police. This so that the drivers can go home. Then the road will be closed again. Certainly by 9 a.m. – then the next assessment of the situation will take place.

Roads in Engadin and Val Müstair closed

Due to the danger of avalanches, the following road sections are now closed in the Engadine and Val Müstair:

Community roads

  • Ardez – Sur En
  • Guardian-Bos-cha
  • Plan da Porchs–Sinestra
  • San Jon–S-charl

Canton roads

  • Ardez–Ftan
  • Martina national border
  • Ofenpassstrasse Tschierv–Zernez
  • Samnaun, Vinadi – Spissermühle

The Minschuns ski area was closed due to a storm today, Thursday. So are they Cross-country skiing trails in Minschuns and Lü closed as well as the Winter hiking trail Alp da MuntAlp ChampatschLü.

Roads in the rest of the canton closed

  • The road between Sumvitg and Disentis is closed.
  • The road between Arosa and St. Peter is closed. The main road between Reichenau and Ilanz is snow-covered and can only be driven with snow chains.
  • The A13 motorway between Thusis-Süd and the Bellinzona-Nord junction is closed to trucks in both directions. Vehicles with all-wheel drive are excluded. The affected heavy traffic will be stopped in the waiting rooms. A diversion via the A2 Gotthard motorway is recommended.

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