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Verhoeven and partner Jacky each go their own way after thirteen years. Verhoeven broke up for months of stress in his relationship when he had to defend his title in the Gelredome for 30,000 people and millions of TV viewers.

Just before the fight an emotional meeting took place with his then partner, who left him anything but untouched. It happened in the dressing room, less than an hour before the fight. “That was so intense for me that I threatened to burst into tears. I can hardly describe it. Everything in your body is so sharp: every fiber, every emotion, everything is one hundred percent “on” towards that fight. “

Verhoeven tells today why it became “chaos” in his head and how he lost control of himself afterwards. “I was engaged in another struggle in my head. The battle from home. “

Read the entire, exclusive report with Rico Verhoeven in the premium edition of De Telegraaf / Telesport on Monday 17 February:

Rico Verhoeven in action against Badr Hari.

Rico Verhoeven in action against Badr Hari.


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