Ridderkerks Dagblad | More people get infected on vacation

A relatively large number of people may have become infected with the corona virus during their vacation. This was the “possible setting of infection” of 170 people who tested positive in the past week, the RIVM reports. That is nearly 16 percent of all people with known where they would have contracted the virus.

Most of the infected holidaymakers have been in Spain, France or Turkey in the two weeks before the onset of their illness. Germany and Hungary are also high on that list.

Since 6 July, the holiday was the source of infection for 7 percent of all positively tested people. In the past week, “acquaintances and friends” were also the source more often than before.

In bars and at parties, relatively fewer people are infected than in previous weeks, as well as at work.

Slightly more than half of the people still become infected in the home situation, so by family members and other housemates. “Other family” is also an important source of the virus. In six new cases from the past week, people may have contracted the coronavirus at school or daycare.

By: ANP | Photo: ANP

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