Riddled with bullets in broad daylight in Montreal

The victim of the attempted murder committed in broad daylight on Thursday morning in the Villeray neighborhood of Montreal is a man well known to police for his links to the Mafia.

According to our information, the victim is Frantz Louis, 50, riddled with bullets while he was alone in his luxury BMW vehicle parked on rue Fabre, not far from the intersection of rue Tillemont.

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The professionally executed crime was committed around 8:20 a.m. Frantz Louis was sitting in the driver’s seat of his car when a suspect approached, before opening fire in his direction.

At least five firearm projectiles were fired through the driver’s side window, hitting the 50-year-old in the upper body.

The gunman would have escaped on foot, but it is not excluded that an accomplice was waiting for him in a car nearby to facilitate his escape.

When emergency services arrived, the victim had very serious injuries. Frantz Louis was taken to hospital in critical condition. The doctors feared for his life.

Frantz Louis has had a long criminal history since the early 1990s.

His last arrest dates back to last July. He had been pinned in the company of three accomplices as part of a vast investigation by the SPVM into an organization steeped in usurious loans and extortion.

According to the authorities, Frantz Louis and his acolytes were associated with the Italian Mafia and did not hesitate to use intimidation, threats and violence to achieve their ends.

The motive for the attempted murder has not yet been established. The suspect (s) have still not been located.

A very large security perimeter has been established to protect the crime scene. A quadrilateral formed of Marquette, Villeray, Tillemont and Garnier streets was completely closed to traffic in order to allow the police to do their work.

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