Rioters loot shops on Spain’s fourth night demonstrations

On the fourth night of demonstrations in Spain, things got out of hand again in several cities. In Barcelona, ​​rioters looted shops and attempts were made to set fire to bank buildings.

In Girona, people were also targeting banks. There, windows were smashed. Agents who intervened were pelted with bottles and stones.

Since Tuesday, protesters in Spain have been taking to the streets to demonstrate for the release of rapper Pablo Hasél, who has been convicted of lese majesty and glorification of terrorism in his lyrics. They speak of a curtailment of freedom of speech, a discussion that has now become a reality Spanish politics has achieved.

Catalonia and Madrid

The demonstrations are every night ended in riots, especially in Catalan cities but also in Madrid, among others. At least eighty people have been arrested this week.

According to The country there were about 2000 demonstrators in Barcelona last evening, making it busier than the day before. Some of them turned violent.

‘Attack on Democracy’

Last evening, Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez spoke disapproving words about the riots in recent days. “Violence is an attack on democracy,” he said in a speech. Sánchez did promise to expand freedom of speech, without explaining it.

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