Robert Woodard II, Mississippi runs through his veins


quipe : Mississippi State Bulldogs (Sophomore)

age: 21

Size: 2m01

Weight: 107 kg

Wingspan: 211 cm

Poste: Arrire

Current comparison: Chandler Parsons (Atlanta Hawks)

Robert Woodard is certainly one of the best progressions of the year in the category of Sophomore. Pass d’un statut de role player that of a reliable scorer in attack, the native of Columbus has especially lived a season of roller coaster in terms of his individual performances and those of his team who nevertheless made so much dream on paper. Alongside offensive talents like Reggie Perry, Tyson carter and Nick Weatherspoon, the Bulldogs showed smugness from December to January, losing several games after a complicated start in games, chasing almost every loss and wasting several opportunities for moneytime victories (record of 11 wins for 7 lost in the Southeastern Conference). Woodard was not fully examined on this point, still showing himself to be very clumsy in attack and sometimes spoiling several decisive actions, but his progress and his style of play engaged on the ground ended up seducing his coach. Ben Howland and several recruiters from across the country.

  • QUALITIES: a versatile 3 & D profile

Profile resolutely turned towards the attack, Robert Woodard has especially distinguished himself since his beginnings at the university by his qualities of finisher close to the circle, thanks to the very advantageous physical dimensions, a relaxation and a speed of play and execution superior to most players he rubbed shoulders with. But what made Woodard a place in the Bulldogs’ roster this season was his shoot progress. Pass of a discreet 46.8% of address, including 27.3% behind the arc during his year Freshman, 49.5% skill this season and an impressive 42.9% away, the back-winger has gained confidence in scoring and his stats have been exponential with playing time, points, passes, interceptions and blocks that have doubled Able to play and defend on positions 2 to 4, Woodard has shown himself valuable through his versatility and his athletic qualities, whether when it comes to creating his own shot or his game in transition, but above all to go look for valuable offensive rebounds (2.2). The back-winger even showed some flashes on the defensive plan to drop a few blocks in a double defensive curtain, on chasing block, or to destabilize his vis – à – vis one on one and cause loss of the opponent’s ball.

  • FAULTS: Rigor and application

If the overall defense has not yet been mentioned, it is quite simply because Woodard has not yet really shown the full extent of his talent. Despite his state of mind and his commitment, Woodard is singled out for his defensive rigor and his lack of attention on phases of play without the ball as on pick-and-roll. His reading of the game also raises questions, the player only turns 1.3 passes per game and commits a lot of odds (1.9 ball losses). Its versatile profile also does not allow it to defend properly on large jigs and it has enormous difficulty defending very sharp guards. A fault that may fade in the NBA, depending on the role that a franchise will offer him. The player also proves difficulties with his dribbling, not always very regular and reliable, he very often rushes on the last gesture of the pass or on a double step, destroying game actions in no time. Finally, his decision-making faculty still too often follows the same restricted tactical patterns, which is why it is difficult to imagine leaving the leather in his hands for creation or to take the scoring into account.

  • BEST FIT: (32ME CHOICE – Charlotte Hornets)

Difficult to find a real consensus concerning Woodard, the player is especially expected beyond the first round, the fault of his irregularity and his role in attack still too limited. The Hornets could still be tempted by the offensive qualities of the player who could eventually become a real three-point threat and a sufficiently versatile player in defense. Charlotte has indeed few 2-3-4 profiles like the Bulldog, with dimensions quite close to a Miles Bridges and a PJ Washington. Young Robert would then serve as an attacking understudy at positions 3-4 in the offensive system of James Borrego, thus leaving leisure to the brothers Martin (Cody & Caleb) to put their defensive qualities at the service of the Frelons collective. It remains to be seen if the franchise from North Carolina will find its happiness with its 3rd choice.

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