Robin Wright: “Shooting in the middle of nature has been therapeutic and exhilarating”

‘A Wild Place’ marks the film directorial debut of actress Robin Wright (Dallas, 55). While she previously directed episodes of ‘House of Cards’, this film about a grieving woman (Edee) living alone in the mountains of Wyoming is another step forward in her already memorable career. Exercising the dual role of directing and starring, Wright dares to debut with a film that put her on the ropes, not only for being the first, but for filming it under the inclement weather of the wild mountains of Canada.

-What did you find in this story to want to address it behind the scenes?

-The world is experiencing a pandemic that has caused the loss of many lives; I wanted to send with this film a message of the resistance capacity of the human race. Surpassing myself as a director and protagonist has made this project very edifying. I started filming at the beginning of the pandemic, and ended up discovering a fabulous team that showed me the importance of trusting others. This film highlights the enormous need we have for each other.

– Was it difficult to find the balance between the emotion of the interpretation and the concentration that is required of a director?

-When I promised to direct it was not my intention to star in the film. But, due to the pandemic, we had a very short time to start production and I couldn’t find any actress to work with. I took a risk by offering to star in it and it turned out well.

-He had to overcome inclement weather in the Canadian mountains …

-Shooting there was a stimulating experience because living in the mountains taught us to wake up in nature and take advantage of its daylight hours, its space, its tranquility. We tune in with the wind, the rain, the sound of the water, the animals; this shoot was therapeutic for me and the whole crew.

-Most of the people have passed the quarantine at home. This trip is the opposite, facing pain in the middle of nature.

-Exactly. Nature is one more character in the film. When a person grieves, they choose their own terms for dealing with the pain. After the pandemic, I think we need to be kinder to people who suffer because each one faces pain and loss differently. I loved how we dealt with a person’s journey through the phases of grief until they rebuilt themselves again with the help of a stranger, who teaches them to see that they are resilient.

-Edee underestimates nature at various times …

– Indeed, she is arrogant, because she is a very alpha woman. She is an entrepreneur and believes that she can fight against nature on her own, until she realizes that she needs help.

-Why has it taken so long to get behind the camera?

-I didn’t think I could do it. It was always in the back of my mind: My God, one day I would love to direct something. But I just didn’t think I was capable. It’s a huge challenge in the sense that you can’t just look through the lens and observe the evolution of the actors.


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