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Several projectiles that were aimed at the kabul airport They hit the Afghan capital on Monday, with no casualties reported at first. The event happens one day after two other attacks they will at least leave six civilians killed.

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The rockets were fired from the rear of a vehicle, during the first hour of the morning, in the area of Lab-e-Jar, in the north of the city. They were directed against the Kabul airport.

Several rockets were fired towards Kabul airport, most of which landed in unoccupied areas and did not cause casualties. So far we do not have any reports of victims“, the Taliban spokesman told ‘EFE’ Bilal Karimi.

We are investigating the rocket attacks to determine who and why they were carried out“he added.

The rockets flew through the Afghan capital as the United States rushed to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan, with the evacuation of civilians nearly complete.

Another source of the taliban consulted by ‘EFE’, which requested anonymity, assured that the artifacts were mostly intercepted by the defense system of the foreign forces in the airport.

Several images broadcast on social media and local television channels show some damage resulting from the explosions that affected at least one home and one vehicle.

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Rockets Kabul - Afghanistan

There were no victims, according to authorities.

North of the city, where the international airport is located Hamid Karzai, you could see smoke above the buildings. In the immediate, there were no more details of the event.

United States Confirmation

The White House informed for his part that the United States Army maintains operations at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) after the rocket attack. Washington assured in a statement that “operations continue without interruption“, although the brief did not provide details on the actions of his forces to repel the attack.

Today’s event takes place after the city suffered two other explosions on Sunday that left at least six people dead, one caused by an attack by a American drone against a vehicle in which alleged members of the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) and another for the impact of a rocket against a house.

The two occurred near the Kabul airport and come at a time of maximum tension after the US government warned of “credible threats“against the airfield, where the US troops are concentrated and where on Thursday there was an attack with at least 170 deceased. Authorities have not yet clarified whether the events were related.

Rockets Kabul - Afghanistan

The US government confirmed the launch of the missiles.

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The US Central Command (CENTCOM) initially reported that a drone had hit a vehicle in which suspected jihadists of the IS, the terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday, were traveling towards the airport. In a later statement and referring to the possible civilian casualties, allegedly derived from the attack, CENTCOM assured that “it is not clear what could have happened and continues to investigate“At the moment no one has claimed responsibility for the explosion that killed civilians, mostly children.

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