Rockets fired at Kabul airport; Military withdrawal to be completed today | World | Deshabhimani

As the US-NATO military withdrawal and evacuation process comes to an end on Tuesday, ISIS rockets attack Kabul airport. IS said it had fired six rockets. The rockets landed in a residential area in the Salim Karwan area, three kilometers from the airport. The crowd did not know. U.S. military says five rockets have been intercepted at the airport. Locals found the wreckage of a vehicle used by terrorists in the Chahre Shaheed area of ​​Kabul. It contained six rocket tubes.

The evacuation of people through the airport continued even after the attack. The United States says it has evacuated 1,200 people in 24 hours. All 50 were evacuated on Allied aircraft. The United States said on Sunday that the Taliban had agreed to allow those with documents to travel beyond the age of 31. This was stated in a joint statement signed by the European Union, NATO and 100 countries. Security has been beefed up at the Taliban airport following a series of attacks. A large crowd gathered at the airport on Monday to flee the country. They were repatriated by the Taliban. Smoke was also reported from several places at the airport. However, it is rumored that the US troops fired weapons. The Taliban said 10 civilians were killed, including three children. The United States has acknowledged that civilians are dead.

Meanwhile, two Pakistani soldiers were killed in a shootout with Afghan forces on the border. The Pakistani army fired back. Pakistan says it has delivered WHO medicine and medical supplies to the Afghan city of Mazar-e Sharif.

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