Rodolfo Barili, open-hearted about Lara Piro: “I didn’t know that you could love the way I love her”

One year after being a boyfriend with Lara Piro, Rodolfo Barili He is more than happy for this bond that is advancing at a steady pace. The driver, who bet on coexistence with his partner, reflected on his courtship and he was super in love.

“I didn’t know that I could love the way I love Lara. And as I always say, one part is mine and another is hers. But meeting you at 40-something, in my case, because she is much younger. that I, someone changes everything. I call it ‘the love of adulthood’ “, he reflected in Came for you.

In addition, he was super grateful for having found love again at his age. “I always talk with my friends that there is a miracle of finding in this age, where we all come shocked, we come with the weights, two bepis, a separation … Love can be found and time stands still. Finding love with almost the same things you felt in adolescence is very crazy, “he said.

On the show, they also broadcast a special message that his girlfriend sent him to surprise him on the air. “What am I going to tell you that I don’t tell you every day? That I love you, immeasurably, that you are the great love of my life, a great companion, container, the best lover. But I strongly admire you for how professional you are, you are incorruptible, honest and you do not know cracks; and, above all, because you are always the voice of the weakest. That makes me enormously proud, ”she told him, in love.

And he said goodbye remarking that together they managed to consolidate a beautiful assembled family: “But what made me fall in love with you the most, and you know it, is the father you are from. Dante Y Me, the grateful son of Antonella, the friend delivered. I have no words to thank you for the healthy love you have with Tuberculosis, the role that you knew how to occupy without invading, because he has a present father and you knew how to occupy a different role, you helped me to be a better mother, to release the guilt. I love you always and forever. Thank you for giving me the dream of a family. Love you”.

Long live the bride and groom!


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