Romanian Prime Minister apologizes for violating anti -vid rules

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The Prime Minister of Romania, Ludovic Orban, has apologized for Bypassing the restrictions imposed by your own government for the coronavirus, after images of the celebrating his 57th birthday without a mask or keeping physical distance two meters with other people.

In the images appeared on social networks the liberal politician is shown smoking a cigarette surrounded by four members of his cabinet in a room at the seat of government and none of them wear the required mask or keep their distance necessary.

To the Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, is observed with a cigar in handwhile the masks lie on a table next to bottles of alcohol and plates with food.

Smoking inside public buildings is prohibited, prompting Orban to apologize not only for breaking the rules against Covid-19, but also for announce that you will pay the fine for smoking there.

Shameful acting

Various Members of the Social Democratic opposition spread the image of the celebration on social media and called Orban’s performance “shameful.” The photographs are from last May 25 and Orban called them “human error”.

“Some colleagues came to surprise me. I gave them something to eat, a glass of wine, some whiskey. We were not wearing masks because we had just eaten,” Orban told the Mediafax agency.

Romania has so far recorded more than 19,000 cases and some 1,250 deaths from coronavirus.



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