Rome: Thousands protest against passport requirements at work

In the center of Rome, thousands of people demonstrated against the 3G obligation in the workplace. The protests in the Italian capital on Saturday led to clashes with the police, and demonstrators also attacked the headquarters of the trade union federation CGIL. On Sunday, the police arrested several members of the right-wing extremist Forza Nuova party, including leading party representatives.

23 million workers have to show a “green passport”

In Italy, starting next Friday, all employees with the “green passport” will have to prove a corona vaccination, recovery or a negative test if they are going to work. Otherwise there is a risk of sanctions. Anyone who stays away from work because they cannot produce the document can expect to be suspended. Corona tests are only free for people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

The corona passport requirement affects around 23 million employees in Italy. So far, the Corona pass had to be presented in the interiors of restaurants, cinemas or sports stadiums, on intercity trains, buses and on domestic flights. According to the Ministry of Health, almost 80 percent of the Italian population over the age of twelve has been fully vaccinated so far. Italy has already registered more than 130,000 coronavirus-related deaths.


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