Running legend Uta Pippig: Use your strength for what is possible

Seleven if we’re celebrating this year with the handbrake on, that doesn’t mean we’re on the sidelines. The time of calm and letting go and entering into oneself can also bring us strength and contemplation to focus again on the important things in life. And anyone who wants to really get started again in the new year needs the strength. Why not take advantage of the situation and enjoy the calm before the storm? Allow body, soul and spirit important relaxation.

The days are getting longer again, our urge to do sports and fitness is brightening up. By spring, the organizers’ hygiene concepts will definitely be more sophisticated, and hopefully the situation will have eased significantly. Time enough to get us in top shape for the many beautiful running and sporting events.

You don’t have to feel trapped and you don’t have to start from scratch after Corona. Even now a lot is possible.


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