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2023-05-30 03:19:38

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Russia said on the 29th that its army attacked the Ukrainian air force base overnight, while the Ukrainian army used shelling of industrial facilities in Russia as a…

Russia said on the 29th that its military attacked a Ukrainian air base overnight, and the Ukrainian army responded by shelling industrial facilities in Russia. Both sides sought to gain an advantage before the Kiev authorities launched a decisive counterattack.

In a rare acknowledgment of damage to its own military targets, Ukraine said “runway repair work is underway”, while five other planes were grounded in the western Khmelnitskiy region, Reuters reported, without revealing where. “At this time, we are continuing to contain fires at our fuel, lubricants and ammunition storage facilities,” the governor’s office said.

Russian state media quoted the Ministry of Defense as saying “more than one air base was attacked”, although Ukraine did not confirm whether other air bases had been damaged.

In addition, after being bombed for two nights in a row, Kiev was attacked during the day, the 16th attack this month, with officials saying “most of the drones and missiles were shot down”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy praised the Patriot defense system provided by the United States, saying that “terrorism will be defeated when the Patriot air defense system in Ukraine’s hands can ensure a 100% probability of intercepting Russian missiles.”

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