Russia Ukraine war begins army and military strength comparison between both countries | The military power that terrorizes the world, when Russia and Ukraine come face to face

Countries are assessing the potential for new war strategies in the Russia-Ukraine war, saying it is a matter of intelligence, not power. The question is whether a small country has the capacity to confront one of the world’s greatest military powers.

Russia has always had the upper hand in terms of manpower and technological prowess in the land, air and naval forces. This is the best example of that. Ukraine has less than 1.5 million troops to fight more than 20 million Russian troops. The current military strength of the two countries is as follows.


Soldiers- (125,600-Ukraine) – (280,000-Russia)
Tanks- (2,119-Ukraine) – (13,367-Russia)
Artillery- (1,962-Ukraine) – (5,934-Russia)
Armored Vehicles – (2,870-Ukraine) – (19,783-Russia)


Soldiers- (15,000-Ukraine) – (150,000 Russia)
Warships- (2-Ukraine) – (74-Russia)
Submarines – (No Ukraine) – (51-Russia)

Air Force

Soldiers- (35000- Ukraine) – (165,000-Russia)
Fighter aircraft – (146-Ukraine) – (1,328-Russia)
Helicopters – (42- Ukraine) – (478-Russia)

Defense budget

Russia’s defense budget is 15 times larger than Ukraine’s 2022, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ Military Balance. But NATO allies have said they will provide Ukraine with troops and munitions to overcome the emergency. But again, the crisis in Ukraine is many.

(Credit for information- news agencies)

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