Russian army rescues ship attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea (video)

An attack by pirates on the container ship MSC Lucia off the coast of Nigeria was aborted by the intervention of a Russian warship, Moscow said Monday.

According to the Russian vice-admiral of the Kulakov, the destroyer received a distress signal in the Gulf of Guinea and then decided to send the ship’s helicopter to MSC Lucia, according to a communication from the Ministry of Defense Russian, quoted by the state news agency, Itar-TASS.

As the helicopter approached, the pirates left the ship and disappeared aboard a speedboat, the ministry said.

The Russian Marines then freed the crew members of MSC Lucia who had been trapped by the pirates.

The container ship which flew the Panamanian flag was en route from Togo to Cameroon. The Russian defense vessel has been patrolling the Gulf of Guinea for three weeks in an attempt to protect civilian shipping from pirate attacks in the region.

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