Rym and Vincent Queijo (La Villa 5) parents of Maria-Valentina, he reveals an adorable new video of their daughter

Rym and Vincent Queijo are the happy parents of Maria-Valentina and the candidate has unveiled an adorable new video of their daughter that we share with you without further delay in this article.

While we wonder if Rym and Vincent Queijo are in the cast of The Battle of Couples 3 after a clue sows doubt, it is now several weeks since the two lovebirds became parents for the first time. On September 27, the young Spanish woman gave birth to her first child, a little girl, whom she decided to name with her future husband: Maria-Valentina. Since then, Rym and Vincent Queijo have been living on a cloud. They are starting to take their mark as young parents even if they sometimes experience some difficulties, especially during the nights, when they sleep little. But, that does not prevent them from being very happy!

Moreover, you only have to watch the video above to notice how Vincent Cheese and Rym are happy as parents. The candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 shared an adorable moment with Maria-Valentina and he did not hesitate to reveal it on his Instagram account. As you can see the young daddy did “skin to skin” with his daughter, for his greatest happiness. During this moment, Vincent Queijo was therefore able to get closer and forge even deeper bonds with his child. Also, know that according to Rym’s latest confidences, she and her future husband have been overwhelmed since the birth of their daughter.

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