Saint-Etienne virologist Bruno Pozzetto responds to vaccine-related fears

France Bleu Saint-Etienne Loire: Debate vaccination as we are doing this morning on France Bleu, do you agree?

Bruno Pozzetto, virologist and head of the infectious agents and hygiene department at the Saint-Etienne CHU : “Yes, we have no choice. And then, it is quite legitimate to be in a democracy with the possibility of being able to debate. We must debate these subjects and try to enlighten our fellow citizens as well as possible in order to be able to let them make decisions that are as responsible as possible. “

It’s complicated, especially with the dissemination of false information, their reception by populations that are sometimes very enlightened. What feeling does that arouse in you?

“It is a paradox that sometimes the most simplistic, the most caricatured information is more convincing than scientific explanations provided by the best world specialists. This distrust of the elites, of the knowledgeable, is a problem today. in our society.”

There is a great fear: that the vaccine will have effects on their organism, transmissible to their children in the future. Is this fear credible?

“This question is at the heart of the debate. We are talking about RNA and who says RNA, says nucleic acids, says heredity. Many of our fellow citizens imagine that this sting will transform our biological reality. In fact, we must understand that any viral infection, whatever it is, a gastroenteritis enteritis, a cold, the flu, the Covid when we catch the virus in its entirety, create the manufacture of proteins by the viruses. These messenger RNAs, which are produced in very large quantities, will result in the creation of viral proteins and then spread the infection. If these infections were able to modify our heredity, it is a long time since we would have seen consequences with all these viral infections in our genome as some colleagues suggest. However, this is not the case. And finally, with vaccination, all we do is reproduce in a very simple way on a protein what nature does with thousands of proteins during of each infection. “

The only risk we take in the end is getting stung for nothing?

“Indeed, it is clear that for a certain number of us and especially among the youngest, the Covid-19 is not a very worrying risk. This sting, it has a side more collective than personal, with nevertheless surprises. And more and more children and young people find themselves in critical situations despite not necessarily having co-morbidities. “

In what state would the CHU be if the vaccination was not so advanced?

“We would certainly take this fourth wave head-on with this delta variant which is much more contagious and more pathogenic than the previous ones. Fortunately, we have a majority of our fellow citizens who, willy-nilly, even if it sometimes seemed a little to them. weird to be forced to submit to this obligation, went there by letting themselves be convinced. quickly from a crisis that is dragging on and that we would all like to see behind us. “

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