Salaries in Mexico How many people earn 40,000 to 50,000 pesos a month?

In Mexico only 9.1 percent of the employed population earns more than three minimum wages a month, that is, more than 11 thousand pesos, and only one percent receives more than 38 thousand pesos, which means that if you perceive a “salary” of 40 to 50 thousand pesos a month you belong to this minority.

The most recent National Survey of Occupation and Employment New Edition (ENOEN), published by the Inegi for the third quarter of the year, reveals that the majority (33.4 percent) of the people who work, and they receive a salary, they earn between one and two minimum monthly wages, that is, between 3,396 and 7,393 pesos.

In addition, of the 51 million employed people, 11 million 985 thousand (23.5 percent) earned less than one minimum wage per day, that is, less than 123.22 pesos, so when the fortnight arrives they earn less than 1,800 pesos.

15.1 percent of the employed earn between two and three minimum wages or between 7,393 and 11,000 pesos.

These figures explain the annoyance they generated the comments made by Samuel García, candidate of Citizen movement to the governorship of New Lion, who returned to the news after a video was released in which he affirms that he has met people who are happy with a “little luck” of 40 or 50 thousand pesos.

“I have come across very valuable people who live with a little income of 40, 50, and they are happy; they have for their family, for tuition,” he said.

Although the official Inegi figures do not break down in detail how many people in the country receive a salary within that range, a study presented earlier this year by the Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias (CEEY), the College of Mexico and the Agency French for Development (AFD), reveals that less than one percent of Mexicans earn more than 38 thousand pesos.

Wellbeing with Equity, research funded by the European Union Development Cooperation Instrument, indicates that more than 60 percent of inequality is transmitted from one generation to another and that in the last 25 years the percentage of people living in Poverty conditions has not been substantially reduced.

“Half of those born in the poorest households remain in this condition, only a quarter of them manage to overcome the poverty line. Of these, less than three out of every hundred who are born in the most disadvantaged strata manage to reach the upper end.

Optimists by tradition

The study reveals that the percentage of rich people in the country is overestimated, since it is thought that 35 percent of the population is in this group, the problem is that “the possibility of being rich or falling into poverty is also overestimated. The foregoing reveals that in general, Mexicans believe we live in a society with more opportunities for social mobility than actually exist ”.

Most Mexicans consider that with a minimum income of 38,248 pesos per month it can already be said that a person is rich, however, that volume of income is received by less than 1 percent of the population.

“The current reality in Mexico is that whoever is born rich or poor, will probably live in the same condition for the rest of his life,” is one of the study’s conclusions.



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