Samanta Tīna envisions a feeling of ‘avatar’ in her ‘Eurovision’ performance

In the episode of the penultimate LTV show “How to Win at Eurovision? Samantha Tina’s Road to Rotterdam” Samanta Tīna allows you to look behind the scenes of your performance. The singer’s vision is clear – in Rotterdam, she intends to show the whole of Europe another world – fabulous, imaginative and divine.

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It is important for Samanta Tina to be present in every detail in her performance, and the vision of the performance itself is also her responsibility. “Basically, creating a performance on stage is my vision. As I said before – what I want to say is to conjure up this environment, the story, the atmosphere. To have these words put in the right place, at the right time.”

In her “Eurovision” performance, Samanta intends to create an “avatar” – to create a new world, similar to the film “Avatar”. The main thing – so that it is not a banal “bottom shake” and betrayed today’s pop music trends.

“I definitely want this performance to be different. I want to create a completely different world when Latvia comes on stage. I have a phone full of visuals, color schemes, examples of how it sounds, what color nuances it has to move to. In Rotterdam, we have to conjure up the fact that another world is opening up and divinity is coming out, “says the musician.

In this way, the artist’s performance will continue the strong woman’s theme started in the song. “At no time do I want to equate myself with the deities, but I really want to encourage and inspire through this image those women around the world who are different and who may not have put their crowns on their heads with their own hands because they are afraid that are different, “says Samanta, sketching the story of the most important movement of his performance, which in large – scale visualizations on the stage will also bring to life the artist Mārtiņš Dāboliņš.

To put a crown on yourself – this is one of the singer’s goals. “I’m thick, ugly, too long, thin, short … I don’t like anyone, I have gray-brown hair, I’m standard … Until you accept that you are unique and there is no such thing anywhere in the world, you are not yourself , “the usual self – critical standard is characterized by the singer. “That’s why I got this too – put a crown on yourself with your own hands! It’s not some object that you put on and then remove. Yes, I’m like that! I like to be different! Wonderful! Accept yourself and put on a crown, “calls the singer.

Samanta states that he has not watched any other performances. “I think if you watch other performances to get inspired, it means that you yourself have no idea how to do it,” concludes the singer. She emphasizes that she plans her performance so that every small ray of light is justified.

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