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□ On the 6th, Samsung Electronics conducted regular executive personnel appointments for 2023 for vice presidents, managing directors, fellows, and masters.

Samsung Electronics promoted a total of 187 people, including 59 vice presidents, 107 managing directors, 2 fellows, and 19 masters.
※ ‘21.12: Total 198 (Vice President 68, Managing Director 113, Fellow 1, Master 16)

Samsung Electronics conducted a promotion to strengthen leadership for future sustainable growth under the principle of performance.

Samsung Electronics has strengthened the selection of young leaders and talents in the technology field so that they can prepare for a challenge ahead of time and boldly find new businesses amidst the uncertain business environment caused by the global economic recession.

□ Produced many young leaders, such as managing directors in their 30s and vice presidents in their 40s, by boldly selecting individuals with performance and growth potential regardless of position and years of service

▲ DX Division MX Division Strategic Product Development Group 1 Vice President Moon Seong-hoon (48 years old)
Leading the development of H/W for our flagship products, such as the Galaxy S series and foldable phones, and contributing to the discovery of new technologies, driving growth in the mobile business

▲ DS Division S.LSI Division Modem Development Team Leader Lee Jeong-won, Vice President (45 years old)
As a modem system expert, he contributed to improving 5G modem performance and enhancing the competitiveness of modem products through modem algorithm improvement and design optimization.

▲ Bae Beom-hee (37 years old)
Contribute to strengthening our technological competitiveness by securing future flagship technologies such as the world’s first RF signal transmission and flexible PCB, and releasing a number of theses/patents

▲ Lee Byung-il (39 years old)
As a flash product development expert, he contributed to the timely development of new V-NAND products and improved product characteristics based on his understanding of new processes and his optimization know-how.

□ Continue to select women and foreigners to build an innovative organizational culture based on diversity and inclusion and strengthen competitiveness as a sustainable company

※ Current status of new promotions for women and foreigners
· ‘18.12 11 → ’20. 9 people in January → 10 people in December 2020 → 17 people in December 2021 → 11 people in December 2022

▲ Ahn Hee-young, Senior Vice President, Service PM Group, VD Business Department, DX Division
Leading growth in service sales, such as the expansion of TV Plus and the launch of Gaming Hub, as a leading player in planning and commercializing the Smart TV-based App Store and platform

▲ DX Division, VD Division, Purchasing Group 3, Managing Director, Hangul Lara
As a procurement expert with expertise in all products, including circuits, semiconductors, and panels, contributes to improving supply risks by diversifying raw material supply and demand and securing semiconductor materials in advance

▲ Managing Director Son Yeong-ah, Costa Rica Branch Manager, Central and South America, DX Division
Contribute to expanding market dominance through sales expansion and M/S improvement in Costa Rica as a sales and marketing expert with extensive sales experience in home appliances in the Central and South American market

▲ Director Wang Ji-yeon, Head of CX Strategy Group, MX Division, DX Division
Contribute to improving consumer experience by defining the customer experience of the Galaxy brand and establishing One UI strategy as a CX strategic planning expert based on UX design competency

▲ Director Kim Se-jin, Head of Marketing Strategy Group, MX Division, DX Division
As a product and brand marketing expert, he established a consumer communication platform to appeal to Galaxy’s unique strengths and led the strengthening of brand awareness.

▲ Ahn Joo-won, Executive Director of Strategy Group, Planning Team, Management Support Office, DX Division
As an expert in new business strategy and planning, pioneering new business markets such as AR Glass and mobile cloud games, and contributing to establishing/promoting business strategies

▲ Lee Geum-joo, vice president of DRAM Process Development Team, Semiconductor R&D Center, DS Division
As a DRAM process development expert, it contributes to new process development and mass productivity of developed products to overcome the limitations of process miniaturization over several generations.

▲ DS Division S.LSI Division Design Platform Development Team Vice President Kang Bo-kyung
Contribute to strengthening competitiveness of SoC business for Mobile/Automotive through differentiated IP development and commercialization as security IP algorithm development expert

▲ Song Bo-young, managing director of DRAM PIE2 Group, global manufacturing & infrastructure management of DS Division
As a DRAM process integration expert, he contributed to the mass production of new 10-nano DRAM products based on his experience in securing mass production of major products by generation and his understanding of the latest process technology.

※ Expansion of global business is accelerated by strategically forward deployment of excellent foreign talents from the Global Strategy Office

▲ DX Division VD Division SEAVO Germain Clausse, Managing Director
Contribute to solidifying our market leadership by maintaining steady growth in TV sales in Southeast Asia and Oceania as the head of TV sales management for Southeast Asia in Singapore

▲ DX Division Business Support T/F Managing Director Daniel Araujo
As a management planning and M&A expert, he leads the establishment of a company-wide mid- to long-term management strategy and the establishment of an M&A roadmap for a paradigm shift based on new technologies

□ Samsung Electronics has completed the management personnel through regular executive personnel in 2023, and plans to announce the finalization of organizational reorganization and personnel personnel sooner or later.

[ DX부문 승진자 명단 ]

□ Promotion to vice president

Oh-sang Kwon Dae-joo Kim Dae-hyeon Kim Se-yoon Kim Yi-soo Kim
Kim Jang-gyeong, Kim Jeong-hyun, Moon Seong-hun, Park Geon-tae, Park Jeong-ho
Park Jong-beom Park Ji-seon Park Hoon-jong Shin Seung-won Yang Se-young
Hoon Wee Insoo Yoon Insoo Lee Kyung-woo Lee Lee Dong-geun Lee Sang-won
Lee Seong-hyun, Lee Young-ho, Lee Jong-min, Lee Heon, Lim Geun-hwi
Jang Sang-Ik, Jeon Sang-Wook, Jeong Sang-Tae, Jeong Jae-Yeon, Jung Jin-Min
Jung Hoon Cho Seong Dae Choi Seung Hoon

□ Promotion to managing director

Kang Hyuk, Kim Kyung-tae, Kim Kwang-hun, Kim Dae-hyeon, Kim Seon-gil
Kim Se-jin Kim Se-hoon Kim Young-jip Kim Eun-yong Kim In-beom
Kim Jae-hwan, Kim Ji-yong, Kim Chul-ju, Park Byeong-soo, Park Jae-shik
Park Chan-hyung, Park Hyeon-joon, Ban Soo-hyung, Bae Beom-hee, Seo Chang-woo
Son Young-ah, Son Jun-ho, Son Hyun-suk, Song Won-cheol, Shinmunseon
Shin Hyun Jae-Yong Ahn Joo-Won Ahn Hee-Young Ahn Jong-Bum Yeom
Oh Young-ki, Oh Yong-chan, Wang Ji-yeon, Yoon Seong-hwan, Lee Doo-hee
Lee Byung-han Lee Sang-yeop Lee Sang-ho Lee Woo-yong Jang Wook
Jang Yoon-hee Jang Jung-ryeol Jang Heung-min Jeon Sang-wook Jeong Seung-il
Jung Young-hwan, Cho Kang-wook, Cho Sung-jae, Cho Sung-hee, Cho Young-seok
Cho Cheol-yong Cho Ho-geun Jin Young-doo Choi Jeong-hwa Choi Hyuk-seung
Choo Min-ki Hangeul Lala Han Sang-wook Huh Wook Heo Jun
Hwang Young-sam Hwang Il-kwon
Daniel Araujo Germain Clausse

□ Appointment of Master

Koh Young-duk Kim Seon-min Kim Ji-cheol James Geraci

[ DS부문 승진자 명단 ]

□ Promotion to vice president

Kim Bo-hyun, Kim Yong-joo, Kim Jae-yeol, Kim Tae-hoon, Park Seong-wook
Park Soo-nam, Park Hyung-won, Seo Haeng-ryong, Song Gi-hwan, Song Byeong-moo
Song Seung-yeop, Song Hogan, Shin Shin Shin, Moon-wook Oh, Jeong-seok Oh
Oh Tae-young, Oh Hwa-seok, Won Soon-jae, Lee Geum-joo, Lee Seok-won
Lee Jeong-won Lim Yong-sik Jeong Yong-joon Hong Seong-min Hong Seung-wan
Youngki Hong

□ Promotion to managing director

Kang Myeong-jin, Kang Bo-kyung, Kim Ki-soo, Kim Ki-eon, Kim Do-ki
Kim Bo-chang, Kim Young-il, Kim Joo-yeon, Kim Jun-seong, Kim Jin-ho
Kim Hyun-ki Min Hyun-jin Park Seong-cheol Song Bo-young Song Jeong-woo
Identity of Shin Sang-yong Ahn Yong-seok Ahn Chi-yong Yang Jong-hun
Oh Jeong-hwan Yoo Seong-jong Eun Seong-min Lee Byeong-il Lee Seong-hoon
Lee Seung-jun Lee Seung-hoon Lee Young-hak Lee Won-yong Lee Eui-hyung
Lee Hyeon-jeong, Jeon Beom-joon, Jeon Ji-hwan, Jeong Yeon-il, Jeong Han-ki
Jae Hee-won, Cho Young-jin, Cho Hyun-deok, Choi In-soo, Choi Jang-seok
Choi Cheol-hwan Ha Heon-jae Hyun Jeong-hyeok

□ Fellow Appointment

Yushin Yang Yuri

□ Appointment of Master

Kwak Myeong-bo Kim Kyung-seon Kim Yong-gwan Kim Ji-su Park Park Kwang-min
Park Dong-jin, Park Se-joon, Seo Young-hoon, Eo Ji-ho, Yoon Seok-ho
Lee Kyung-kyu, Jung Cheon-hyeong, Chae Kwan-yeop, Choi Jin, Heo Jin-seong

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