Sarah Kohan, are you unfaithful to ?? Chicharito ??? They reveal clues about a breakdown in their marriage

Javier ?? El Chicharito ?? Hernandez and his wife Sarah Johan they became trend this Thursday on social networks, due to a rumor that ignited like wildfire among fans of the soccer player, which refers to a possible infidelity on the part of the model towards him?Chicharito??. The reason? An audio that Diego dreyfus, coach and friend of the soccer player, shared on the networks and that it is part of a podcast that has rocked the fans of the Mexican athlete.

Audio is part of podcast ?? Put * the one who does not hear ??, where Diego dreyfus talk about a relationship fiction that he maintains with a married woman and with children, after making the video public, where the audio comes, the internet users they gave themselves the task of generating speculations around the history narrated and take the coach’s words as if they were real. And not only that, the users gave names and faces to those involved in the story, for which they suggested that Dreyfus He was referring to the wife and model of Javier Hernandez, Sarah Kohan.

The speculations they did not end with these assumptions, since netizens went much further by questioning the paternity own ??Chicharito??, for the simple fact that his older son and the coach share a trait that characterizes them; blue eyes. This was enough for the networks to catch fire and users to unleash their imagination.

?? I keep this story, without fear ??

In the audio included within the podcast ?? Put * the one who does not hear it ??, Diego Dreyfus narrates the following story: ?? Then now, I only stay with this history and I close my eyes and imagine: I knock on the door, you open it for me, and we don’t have to hide anyone; not even your children or your husband, the great love we have for each other. I keep this history, without fear, without possession and without necessarily having to be real in my five senses ??, so immediately the speculation around the coach and his great friend soccer player Mexican.

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The information took a surprising turn when even the supporters of the Mexican forward set out to share a series of publications in Twitter, where they related supposed events that made them coincide, with which they explained in detail the supposed deception of which the famous athlete.

And if the public needed more proof, loso internet users They assured that anyone can find them in the channel of Youtube, Naked Humans, in which Diego participates, Sarah and his own ??Chicharito??, since it is appreciated that Diego Dreyfus shares the same house in which the famous couple resides. The comments extended the history of the audio at unsuspected levels, there were even those who claimed that the coach dedicates too many compliments to the model and that he treats the children of ?? Chicharito ?? as if it were a loving father.

After turning trend, users also took time to make memes about the alleged infidelity, in which they criticize the ??Chicharito?? for not noticing what is happening in their own home, it should be noted that all the information networks It corresponds to speculations made by Internet users, since nothing of the aforementioned has been confirmed.


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