Sarri prepares for the derby after 10 days confined and a month and a half without competing

The players of the Sarrià they met again yesterday for the first time in a training session after ten days confined to having detected one positive for covid-19 in the template. Touch, as the technician said Save Puig, “Adapt to the situation, find the best feelings, and play a good game on Saturday”, in the derby against Bordils. A special day, on Saturday evening (8 pm), although with the coldness of playing without an audience, and with the conditions imposed by the pandemic, the atmosphere is colder. Els de Pau Campos arrive at the match at a good time, having won on the court of Adrianenc and with a draw against the powerful Burgos. Precisely this was the last rival of the Sarrià, who has not competed since December 19 (lost at home 26-34), and who has ended up linking the stoppage of Nadal with confinement, forced to postpone league matches against Adrianenc and Ibiza.

“We really want to play, we already had them when we were preparing the game against l’Eivissa and confinement came to us. But we have to adapt to the situation “, detailed yesterday the coach of Sarrià, who at the gates of the derby said that” I’m not sure if it’s good or bad to face the Bordils now ». Seconds Save Puig, «It will be a special and even match, as we have seen in the two derbies we have played, last year’s in Sarrià, and this season a Bordils, of those that are not decided until the end ”. Interestingly, the victory has so far always taken the visitor.

The Sarrià has all the staff. Before the ten days of quarantine, Puig he had some touched players who have already been recovering. During the confinement an attempt has been made to keep the activity of the players from home, and the coach has been in contact with them. Yesterday they were able to play ball again thinking about the challenge of the derby.

Beyond the match with the b, now what worries Sarrià the most is relocating the two postponed matches. What they have to play on the court Sant Martí Adrianenc it doesn’t have a date yet, but it doesn’t worry because you can face a trip to Barcelona during the week. Hairier paints the game against l’Eivissa, on the island. «With the health situation go to Ibiza now it’s not easy, and another issue is that, for a team like ours, going out of Catalonia on weekdays is impossible because our players work. At the moment, we have not reached any agreement and it really worries how we will be able to fit it, or if in the end the Federation will have to say something about it “, he explained Save Puig.

The Sarrià (9), despite having postponed the last two league matches, all of 2021, has only four points to fourth place (Sporting Alicante, 13), which leads the coach to reflect that there is still much to decide. If we won the two postponements we would make a major leap. Every game has its importance. He Bordils he remains leather, with six points, but has a pending match (Teucro) and has fully rejoined the league.


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