Sassari-Pesaro at 8.45 pm | LIVE basket Final 8 Italian Cup

Yesterday the victories of Milan and Venice, today that of Brindisi over Trieste and then the coup of the Carpegna over the Dinamo. Semifinals tomorrow

The day of the Forum ends with Sassari-Pesaro, the last quarter-final. Tomorrow the semifinals, with Milan-Venice (18) and Brindisi who will challenge the winner of the 20.45 match, at the same time.


Filipovity for 107-108, then foul in Bilan’s attack. Drell from the bezel for the 107-110. Bendzius draws from 3. Tambone overtakes the bow, Bendzius does not reply. G.Robinson entering for +5 Pesaro. Bendzius is still wrong and Pesaro flies to the semifinals. Top scorer J. Robinson 27, Bendzius 22. Often with 1 assist from the triple double: 20 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists.


Filloy exits for 5 fouls, Delfino loses the ball and Gentile overtakes 107-106.


Drell opens the overtime with a subhand (99-101), Balance strength and error. Filipovity scores and suffers a foul: 99-104. He often scores from a sidereal distance (102-104), with Robinson entering 102-106. He often takes a rebound, scores and suffers a foul!


Triple by Kruslin (95-96), Delfino misses 3, Bilan is fouled and goes to the line. It’s unsportsmanlike: Bilan scores one out of two, 96-96 at -34 ”. Ball again at Dinamo, Bendzius misses, Filloy from 3 to -14 “for 96-99. Gentile at -1 ”a crazy triple is invented for 99-99 with Pesaro who does not foul … Timeout for Repesa, throw-in in the frontcourt, Delfino’s offensive foul before the clock starts. Overtime!


Filipovity and then Robinson for 92-96 at -1’27 “. Bendzius misses by three.


Often strong, iron mocks Robinson, Bilan goes to the bezel and draws (92-92).


Filloy keeps Pesaro alive (90-87), the other Robinson makes -1. Another lost by Sassari and a triple by Robinson for overtaking (90-92).


Bendzius with the come on and go brings Dinamo forward (87-85), J.Robinson (27 points and 6 assists) breaks through and takes the technical, the 5th foul that expels him from the match. Spissu transforms the free (88-85).


Cain’s 5th foul arrives, Bendzius 3 gives breath to Dinamo, but Filipovity imitates him (83-81). Happ on attack rebound (85-81), Filipovity on the free (85-83), Drell dunks for the draw.


Drell to the free (78-75), Bendzius on assist to the kiss of Happ (80-75), Drell again (80-77), Poz takes another coach and is sent off.


Bendzius opens the fourth with an easy hand (78-70), J.Robinson is unstoppable, he doesn’t fit in and keeps Pesaro in the game (78-73).

end third quarter

Delfino overtakes the free throws (68-69) extending the break (13-0). Gentile dall’arco (71-69) closes it, granting an encore (74-69). Bilan makes 76-69, but Gentile takes the technical, giving Delfino a free throw (76-70). Burnell (17) and J. Robinson (25) the top scorers.


Another triple from Delfino that brings the Pesaro break to 12-5 (68-62), J.Robinson again from 3 signs the -3. Cain goes to the line and makes 68-67.


Delfino da tre gives hope to Pesaro, but Spissu responds (65-53). Carlitos again scores and is fouled (65-56). But Burnell still from the bow pushes Carpegna back before J.Robinson’s triple (68-59).


After 2’15 ”the first points of the second half from Pesaro come with Cain from the line (58-50). Bendzius replies, and Burnell from three sets the maximum advantage at 63-50.


The second half opens with two points from Bilan (55-49), Burnell with 2 + 1 (58-49).


Bilan draws from below (44-44), Drell commits the third foul. Bendzius from the line brings Dinamo forward again (46-44), but Zanotti from 3 continues the swing. Spissu transforms the free for the technician in Repesa, G.Robinson signs the 47-49 but Spissu scores from 3 (50-49). Burnell imitates him (53-49). The first half ends.


Burnell stops the bleeding (40-41), but Carlitos doesn’t stop (40-44).


J.Robinson awakens the Carpegna, then also scores from for -4 (38-34). Filloy extends the Marche break (38-36). Robinson again 3 for overtaking (38-39) and Delfino for 12-0 from Pesaro.


Kruslin from 3, Katic on a stolen ball and again Kruslin also on a stolen one, and in an amen it is +9 (38-29).


Magic of Delfino who steals the ball and goes to dunk (26-27), Treier rebounds in attack, scores with the additional free (29-27). Happ from below for +4 (31-27), Justin Robinson replies (31-29).

end of the first quarter

It goes to the first minibreak on 26-24 with 13 points from Drell and 7 from Spissu.


Bilan for the -1, Bendzius signs the overtaking Banco (19-18), Gentile steals the ball and extends the break to 14-0. Justin Robinson puts an end to the Sassari partial (21-21). Spissu has room from the arc (24-21), but Zanotti replies from three.


Bendzius from 3 brings Sassari back to -5 (13-18), Bilan makes 15-18 and the break is 8-0.


Spissu finds the triple (7-16), but Drell doesn’t want to make a mistake (7-18), reaching 13 points. Burnell draws 3 heavy points (10-18).


Drell continues his great start from the line, Bilan responds (4-10), Robinson signs the maximum advantage from the arc (4-13). Drell again from three forces Pozzecco to timeout at 4-16.


Pesaro opens with a triple from Drell, Robinson makes 0-5, Gentile puts the first two for the Sardinians, then Drell again from the arc for 2-8.


The duo gets up at the Forum, these are the quintets. Sassari: Often, Gentile, Burnell, Bendzius, Bilan. Pesaro: J.Robinson, Filloy, Drell, Filopivity, Cain.


Tomorrow the semifinals (again at 18 and 20.45, Milan-Venice opens), on Sunday at 18.15 the final. Special coverage on our site. Today, tomorrow and Sunday 6 live links from the Forum, to discover the behind the scenes of the event with the protagonists and exceptional guests. Three live connections also on Sunday, for the final act and the delivery of the trophy. The live broadcasts will be visible on our website and on our Facebook page. Also online match updates and analysis at the end of the match. The matches on TV are visible on Rai Sport and Eurosport 1.


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