says there will be job vacancies

Tense situation exists between the owners of this bank and the Colombian Association of Bank Employees (ACEP) due to this decision that It will remove almost 300 workers from their jobs due to a restructuring that is being prepared in Itaú.

According to information provided by La W, Banco Itaú has already made the request to the Ministry of Labor to fire 288 workers because, according to them, they want to make a digital transformation plan for which they require new profiles that the employees who are currently in that company do not have. In fact, this is not the only company that has made this request.

“The bank says that it showed them a mutual withdrawal plan that exceeded what was established by law, but some did not accept the proposal,” they reported on the station about this situation that became a mess between the parties.

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Itau bank prepares massive dismissal of employees and a fight broke out

This banking entity indicates, according to La W, that it wants to change a group of workers to improve its virtual services and be competitive in that industry that has been renewing a lot in recent years.

Nevertheless, the Colombian Association of Bank Employees shouted to the heavens because, according to them, the intention of these dismissals is to end the union. “The bank knows that its aspiration has no future because of the 288 who want to get more than 50% are union leaders, people protected by a jurisdiction that has constitutional status. The bank knows that when it proposes the dismissal, many unwary people will fall,” said Francisco Sánchez, president of the ACEP.

The leader pointed out that from the bank he has used “pressure of all kinds to force workers and put them in a defenseless state” in which “they are left with no alternative but to seek an arrangement to withdraw and they call it voluntary retirement“.

The Itau Bank responded through a statement issued to La W in which it states that yes, it is giving them compensation or a bonus with which they are seeking an agreement with these workers in which they receive more money than that established by law. His business objective, he points out, is in pursuit of a digital restructuring with which they provide a better service to their thousands of customers throughout the country.

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In fact, they point out, In his intention to carry out this renewal, he offered some workers to take part in new trainingbut feels the urgent need to hire new staff to help him meet his goals.

Job vacancies: Banco Itaú seeks new employees

This bank stated that will hire 200 new workers with profiles that you currently need in your company to manage new digital strategies.

As mentioned in La W, among the new profiles they will look for people who have knowledge about big data and more positions related to the technology field and finance.

Until now, the company has not exposed the job offers to hire these 200 Colombians that will replace the workers who are about to leave in this upcoming mass layoff.

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