Schaffhausen: “A man was washed down the Rhine Falls”

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At 3:36 p.m. Ramona Bitonti (28) from Baden AG alarmed the emergency call. “We were standing on the bridge at Laufen Castle when I saw a bald man in the water near the sewage treatment plant. He tried to save himself on the bank. But he had no chance. He was washed down the Rhine Falls, »she says to BLICK.

A large-scale operation then begins. Police, ambulance, helicopter: They are all feverishly looking for the missing man – so far to no avail. The police confirm the operation on request from BLICK. According to the police, a passerby had observed the man standing at the Röti sewage treatment plant. A short time later, he was in the water. The man could not be found until Monday evening.


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