Schalke – Paderborn: crazy Raman goal! S04 builds up self-confidence!

Gelsenkirchen. Of the FC Schalke 04 uses the international break to find new motivation in a test match. At FC Schalke 04 versus SC Paderborn Manuel Baum will dare to experiment and try out a lot. Will Schalke win against Paderborn?

The task is made more difficult for Schalke 04 against the SCP by the fact that many national players are not available and other regular players are canceled due to injuries.

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Game info:

Kicking off: Thursday, October 8th, 2 p.m.

Stadium: Park Stadium


FC Schalke 04 – SC Paderborn 5:1 (3:1)

Tore: 0: 1 Pröger (13.), 1: 1 Uth (21.), 2: 1 Uth (32.), 3: 1 Ibisevic (45.), 4: 1 Raman (56.), 5: 1 Uth ( 82.)



Schalke: Rönnow – Ludewig, Nastasic (46th Stambouli), Thiaw, Oczipka (85th Becker) – Mascarell, Bentaleb – Skrzybski, Uth (85th Taitague), Raman – Ibisevic (46th Paciencia)

Paderborn: Zingerle – Dörfler, Strohdiek, Hünemeier, Ananou – Justvan, Schallenberg, Evans – Pröger, Owsu, Terazzino


After the end of the game: FC Schalke 04 have a lot of self-confidence against a weak second division team. Especially Mark Uth was able to convince with three goals today. For S04 and coach Manuel Baum it was one of the much-cited “success stories”.

Final whistle: The game is over! Schalke wins 5: 1 against SC Paderborn.

90. Minute: Timo Becker has the chance to score the sixth goal for Schalke, but the keeper can hold the ball.

85. Minute: The three-goal scorer Uth is substituted. Taitague replaces him. Meanwhile, Becker comes for Oczipka.

82nd Minute: Toooor for Schalke!

Skrzybski actually wants to get the ball on goal, but then the ball somehow landed on Mark Uth. The striker can shoot in easily and scores his third goal.

78. Minute: Distance shot from Paciencia, but the SCP keeper holds. The Portuguese really wants to score.

77th Minute: Big chance for Schalke!

Mark Uth is served nicely by Raman, but this time the ball is not there. Uth shoots the ball far over the goal.

66. Minute: Schalke manages the comfortable tour, the guests from Paderborn want to shorten it again. But so far there is no getting through.

56th Minute: Goal for Schalke!

It’s hard to believe. Benito Raman hits with the HEAD! Mark Uth hits a long cross against the second post, where Raman waits and skilfully heads over the SCP keeper into the goal. Raman is also 1.72 meters tall.

53. Minute: Schalke has the match under control. For coach Manuel Baum and his players, the current result is certainly an important step forward.

46. Minute: Go on! Two changes at FC Schalke. Paciencia comes for Ibisevic, Stambouli for Nastasic.

Halftime: That’s it for the first 45 minutes. Schalke turned an early deficit thanks to goals from Uth and Ibisevic.

45th Minute: Toooor for Schalke!

Nice combination from FC Schalke. Mascarell is looking for Oczipka on the left wing. The full-back takes the ball directly and passes to Ibisevic. The old hand hammers the ball into the goal. Ibisevic does not miss such a chance.

44. Minute: Scoring chance for SC Paderborn. Pröger prevails, plays on Owsu, who does not come to a conclusion and therefore still takes it off. After all, Proger’s shot is too harmless.

40. Minute: Terazzino’s long-range shot simply pulls off from a distance, the ball was still deflected. That’s why there is now a corner for the SCP. In the statistics it is 3: 3.

32nd Minute: Toooor for Schalke!

There is the lead for Schalke! Uth gets the ball from Skrzybski, the attacker curves around two Paderborn defenders and then puts the ball on the inside post. 2: 1!

29. Minute: Short addendum to Nabil Bentaleb’s penalty. The Algerian is actually a strong penalty taker. In the Bundesliga, he converted eight out of eight penalties.

21st Minute: Toooor for Schalke!

Now Schalke has struck back. Bentaleb is preparing nicely for Mark Uth. The attacker prevails in the front and hits the lower right corner with his left. Uth also scored Schalke’s only Bundesliga goal to date.

13th minute goal for Paderborn

And there is the goal for SC Paderborn. Schalke is inattentive at a corner. The ball bounces off into the back area and Pröger scores to make it 1-0. Schalke had previously claimed a foul against Bentaleb, but the whistle remained silent.

11. Minute: penalty missed

Nabil Bentaleb steps up and shoots. He puts the ball in the lower left corner, Zingerle stops.

11. Minute: Penalty for Schalke

Strohdiek plays the ball clearly with his hand on a free kick flank. Penalty for Schalke.

9. Minute: The good opportunity for Paderborn by return of post. The SCP countered, Pröger withdrew, but Rönnow was able to fend off. A first test for the goalkeeper.

8. Minute: Next chance for Schalke. Mark Uth falls back nicely and plays a great pass on Raman. The attacker fails with his shot but at the defender.

4th minute: Big chance for Schalke!

Ludewig puts pressure on the right side, the ball lands at Uth, who places it in the back area on Raman, but the Belgian misses the big chance. The ball was still slightly deflected. The next corner doesn’t bring anything.

Kickoff: Let’s go, the ball is rolling!

1.57 p.m .: Killian Ludewig makes his debut today!

1:34 p.m.: The line-up is there!

Schalke: Rönnow – Ludewig, Nastasic, Thiaw, Oczipka – Mascarell, Bentaleb – Skrzybski, Uth, Raman – Ibisevic

Paderborn: Zingerle – Dörfler, Strohdiek, Hünemeier, Ananou – Justvan, Schallenberg, Evans – Pröger, Owsu, Terazzino

1:32 p.m .: For FC Schalke 04 it is important to celebrate the much emphasized “success stories”. That can also be a decent test match against SC Paderborn. So coach Manuel Baum could breathe life back into his team.

1:25 p.m .: Just before the game, some information about the opponent: SC Paderborn was relegated to the 2nd Bundesliga last season. After two initial defeats against Kiel (0: 1) and HSV (3: 4), Paderborn scored the first point against Heidenheim. In the table, they are in 15th place after three match days.

12.19 p.m .: Before the game there is still a reading recommendation. Markus Schubert first commented on the difficult time at Schalke after moving to Eintracht Frankfurt. You can read what he said here!

10:57 a.m .: The Bundesliga is on a two-week break because the national teams are back in action. Yesterday evening the DFB-Elf only played a draw in the friendly against Turkey. Click here for the highlights!

Thursday, 7.42 a.m .: A beautiful good morning! Today is matchday. FC Schalke 04 are testing against SC Paderborn. For Manuel Baum it is now a matter of getting the team back on track in a short time.

9:02 p.m .: Last year both teams met in the Bundesliga. The results: 5: 1 for Schalke in the first half of the season, 1: 1 in the second half of the season.

6:51 p.m .: For the miners it is also about finally celebrating a sense of achievement again. Six defeats in a row, 18 Bundesliga games without a win. The numbers are terrifying. The Schalke team often noticed the uncertainty recently.

3:22 p.m .: Baum will want to use the game to gain new knowledge. After a week in office, it will be interesting to see whether new tactical tricks can be seen.

1:46 p.m .: Kilian Ludewig, on the other hand, is about to make his debut in the royal blue jersey. The 20-year-old only moved to Gelsenkirchen on Monday and should now plow the right side of the defense.


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10.02 a.m .: The coach has to do without ten of his players. While Ralf Fährmann and Suat Serdar are out due to injury, Ozan Kabak, Ahmed Kutucu, Alessandro Schöpf, Rabbi Matondo, Nassim Boujellab, Hamza Mendyl, Salif Sané and Can Bozdogan are all out for their national teams.

9.23 a.m .: For Manuel Baum it is the second game after his debut against RB Leipzig. He is standing in front of an interesting jigsaw puzzle when he is standing.

Wednesday, October 7th, 9 a.m .: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for the Schalke test match against Bundesliga relegated Paderborn. How will the game end?


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