Schouten: no preventive clearance of mink farms in Brabant

Mink farms in the Brabant South-East region are not culled preventively. That writes Minister Schouten of Agriculture to the House of Representatives. Yesterday, the Schouten security region asked for all companies to be cleared to prevent further contamination and unrest.

“We will only take this measure if there is no other option to protect public or animal health,” said the minister. “That is not the case now.”

Limburg companies infected

Yesterday it was announced that infections were detected at two mink companies in Limburg. It concerns a company in Ospel and one in Vredepeel. This puts the counter on 22 mink farms with infected animals. The NVWA and GGD conduct research at every infected company to identify the sources of the infections. It is not yet clear how the latest infections have arisen.

In her letter, the minister announces stricter measures. For example, non-medical mouth masks and face shields are now mandatory for employees at all mink farms. The NVWA will also monitor more closely.

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