Science and spirituality to encourage the exercise of self-understanding

The Chilean musician and doctor of medical sciences, Alejandro Arroyo, is launching the book “Life is cured with life. Science and spirituality ”, presented by Amateditorial, a text for the liberating process of the self understanding, an accurate map in relation to the experience of fulfillment beyond suffering, where the concept of happiness, for example, changes from person to person and is modified according to the processes that each being faces. A good example could be the pandemic, which has permeated each individual in a different way, where introspection invariably occurs.

“The book, which was written precisely during the quarantine period, in the month of May 2020, basically has to do with Deuteronomy 30:19, which says, ‘choose life, then,’ this biblical quote shocked me a lot at some point in my life, because deciding life is a sublime act product of an experience as preliminary as it is sad. It is the conscience that is born in the background of illness and death, the conscience that springs from each one and from our sufferings, that conscience that is born from error and mistake to enter the pragmatic plane of human will ”.

Alejandro Arroyo explains that life not only has to be lived, it has to be chosen, “and the question also arises, what is happiness? Is it a kind of joy … of well-being? I am a musician by profession and a doctor of medicine and I began to wonder where happiness comes from, what part of the brain produces it and what region deep down sustains it. And that will give us the lights to be able to know ourselves and to be able to make this decision to live life fully ”.

In 1999, maestro Alejandro Arroyo, who was already a renowned classical guitar player and choral director, suffered a car accident that injured his left arm. “I lost the power of my arm, I was disabled for 10 years with the impossibility of making music. So this made me think and reflect a lot. In the end, I wrote this book to deliver a message of faith and hope to those who are also suffering from disability and I believe that the book in a certain way has managed to answer all these questions ”.

And he continues, “in light of this situation that we are living now, the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that our planet is flagellated by some kind of evil, because it seemed that everything was fine, at this moment we are in a stage of deep reflection and questioning where people are looking for a light in the dark ”. And in that sense, he shares that his text can be of help to those who are in a stage of doubts and fears, seeking reconnect with what makes them feel whole.

The author appreciated the support that Amateditorial is giving him and hopes that once the pandemic caused by COVID-19 is better regularized, he will be able to travel to Mexico to promote his work and also seek to hold conferences.



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