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Christmas dinner should cost more than usual this year in France. The journalist Dorothée Lachaud, present on the set of 13 Hours Monday 22 November, takes stock of the situation.

The end of year celebrations are likely to prove to be even more expensive in 2021. Several traditional Christmas meal products could indeed see a rise in prices. Lack of sun, clouds and rain impacted oyster production. “Those which are fished today, they are very small. The sizes 2 and 3, very popular, are missing. In addition, the rise in the prices of raw materials is also hitting oyster farmers”, explains the journalist of France Télévisions Dorothée Lachaud, present Monday, November 22 on the set of the 13 Hours of France 2.

In addition, many seafood could be missing due to the proliferation of octopus. “For several months now, the seabed of the Atlantic coast has been ravaged by these cephalopods, which can eat up to three times their weight. They enter fishermen’s traps, they devour their catches”, describes the journalist. About the champagne sales, “With the tensions in the transport sector, the supply is slowed down and the price of packaging has also increased”. It will therefore be necessary to expect “a little less promotions than usual on the shelves”.

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