Sebastián de Belalcazar: Indigenous Misak knocked down the statue of the Spanish conqueror | Popayán – Other Cities – Colombia

In videos, the moment was recorded when a group of people linked the statue of Sebastián de Belalcázar, the legendary Spanish conqueror, and knocked it down from the hill of Tulcán in Popayán, Cauca.

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It would be indigenous people of the Misak ethnic group, which would be one of those affected during the time of the Spanish conquest in South America. This indigenous community today held a protest in the city.

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These acts of vandalism are reminiscent of those presented in the United States after the death of African American George Floyd on May 25.

After his death at the hands of the Police of that country, hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand justice for this case, which represented a serious act of racism.

During those protests on North American soil, the protesters tore down statues of Christopher Columbus
and some historical presidents of the United States who had a racist past, slavery or against the indigenous races of that country.

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In the footage you can see how the statue falls from the horse. Apparently and according to the comments circulating on social networks, It would be a cultural vindication of the Misak ethnic group for the slave-owning past of this Spanish conqueror.

In a statement, the Indigenous Authorities Movement of the Suroccidente indicates that Belalcázar was subjected to a historic trial and was sentenced for genocide, dispossession and land grabbing; physical disappearance of the peoples that were part of the Pubenence Confederation, torture by means of impalement techniques and attacks with murderous dogs on the warrior peoples Misak Pubenences and the murders of Taita Payan, Taita Calamba and Taita Yasguen.

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We declare that the statue (…) is part of the symbolic violence that has oppressed us and has put us in a place of
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In the statement they declare that “this trial is framed within a commitment that they have against the collective memory of their blood.” Reason why, they are summoned to rewrite history, freeing themselves of all traces resulting from the coloniality of knowledge.

“We declare that the statue erected since the 1930s, when Popayán commemorated 400 years of the defeat of our indigenous peoples by the genocidal Spanish boot, is part of the symbolic violence that has oppressed us and has put us in a place of oblivion “, they pointed out.



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