Security law: Mélenchon wants a “overhaul” of the police and the departure of Prefect Lallement

Always upwind. Jean-Luc Mélenchon this Saturday demanded a “overhaul” of the police and once again the departure of the police chief Didier Lallement, before participating in the demonstration in Paris against a measure restricting the possibility of filming the police .

The already lively debate on this measure contained in article 24 of the proposed law on “global security” was fueled this week by a succession of violent police interventions, revealed by videos, during the evacuation. of a migrant camp and an arrest which turned into the beating of a black producer.

“It is time to proceed to a general takeover of the police and, to be even clearer, to an overhaul of the police”, declared the leader of the Insoumis to some journalists, before the departure of the Parisian parade against the proposed law on “Global security”.

“Something has rotted inside the police”

“Many people have realized that something has rotted inside the police because of the feeling that was given to violent elements, stupidly recruited into the police, that they would always be covered”, denounced the deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône.

VIDEO. Paris: Michel, hit by police under the eye of a camera

He again called for the resignation of the Paris police prefect Didier Lallement, whom he accuses of having violently repressed demonstrations of “yellow vests”. “He must go to an organism […] peaceful and quiet. And where he has no violent order to take, ”said Mr. Mélenchon.

Darmanin at the center of criticism

LFI MP Adrien Quatennens felt that there was “a form of authoritarian drift” and called on Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to “go to de-escalation” by announcing the “dismissal of Prefect Lallement and the withdrawal of this proposal of law ”, which is“ contested even in the ranks of the majority ”.

For his colleague Clémentine Autain, “when you are Minister of the Interior, you don’t have to be the union representative of the far-right police officers”, who have “xenophobic, racist remarks, and methods that are broken with republican rules ”.

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