world See the epidemiological situation in Madeira in detail

See the epidemiological situation in Madeira in detail


The figures released by IASaúde for March 29, 2020 (Sunday) indicate in geographic and statistical terms the evolution of the pandemic in Madeira, for each municipality, just as DIÁRIO had already made reference after the IASaúde press conference. After this mention, the institution ended up elaborating the proper separation of cases.

In this sense, know that there are:

– 39 confirmed cases in Madeira, spread over six counties;
– 17 cases of covid-19 in Funchal in 121 suspected cases, one of whom is infected is from Porto Santo, but resides in the Madeiran capital;
– 3 confirmed cases in Santa Cruz in 18 suspected cases;
– 7 cases validated in Câmara de Lobos in 17 suspects;
– 0 confirmed in six suspects in Ribeira Brava;
– 6 positive cases in Ponta do Sol in 16 analyzed;
– 1 confirmed case in Calheta in four suspected cases;
– 1 case in Porto Santo in 1 suspected case detected;
– There have been three suspected cases in São Vicente and zero negative ones;
– There was no suspicious case and, in turn, no positive case in Porto Moniz;
– The only suspicious case in Santana resulted in a negative;
– 6 suspected cases in Machico that turned out to be all negative;

Origin of the 25 imported cases:

– Netherlands (5); United Arab Emirates (3); United Kingdom (2); Spain (1); France (1); Portugal [Lisboa] (6); Portugal [Região Norte] (1); Switzerland (1); Brazil (2); United Arab Emirates / Spain / Portugal [Região Norte] (2) and Australia (1). With regard to the cases of local transmission are 14.

Ages, Cases and Genders:

– 10/19 years – 1 case (1 female);
– 20/29 years – 7 cases (5 male / 2 female);
– 30/39 years – 3 cases (1 male / 2 female);
– 40/49 years – 3 cases (2 male / 1 female);
– 50/59 years – 7 cases (2 male / 5 female);
– 60/69 years – 8 cases (3 male / 5 female);
– 70/79 years – 10 cases (3 male / 7 female);

Balance: 39 cases (16 men and 23 women).

Figures diverge between IASaúde and the Directorate-General for Health

The vice president of IASaúde, Bruna Gouveia, indicated the reason why the numbers put forward by the Directorate-General for Health (43) and IASaúde (39) do not coincide in relation to the number of positive cases by covid-19, in Madeira.

According to Bruna Gouveia, the data reported by DGS does, in fact, relate to the Autonomous Region of Madeira, but these “come from information systems and are linked to people who are not in Madeira”, meaning that there are currently four Madeirans infected in mainland Portugal or outside the country.

The Minister of Health, Marta Temido, had already put forward an explanation for this discrepancy, since the cases that DGS attributed to the Portuguese who were abroad (for example, crew members and cruise ship passengers) had been redistributed. regions of origin or residence.



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