See what to consume before, during and after exercising

If you are looking to maximize your performance, you may be considering consuming sports accessories. Nutrition goes hand in hand with an adequate physical activity plan, therefore, the effectiveness of the best sports supplements depends on your training routine and your daily regimen.

That is why it is important to consider not only which supplements to consume, but when to consume them. Dana Ryan, director of sports performance and education for Herbalife Nutrition explains how to get the most out of sports supplements.

When talking about the most effective supplements for a workout, it is best to consider three stages: before, during and after physical activity. This is a brief guide to enhance sports nutrition:

Before physical activity

If you have a decisive game or an intense training session, it is important to prepare and plan ahead. For a boost, you can choose a caffeinated pre-workout supplement. Caffeine stimulates metabolism, which in turn helps maintain focus and reduce fatigue.

In the same way, a pre-exercise supplement with nitric oxide precursors helps maintain normal blood flow. The breadth in the blood vessels allows the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles during exercise, which subsequently helps to maintain performance.

During physical activity

When training, it is important to stay hydrated and nourishedSo opt for drinks that contain a significant amount of carbohydrates and electrolytes! The electrolytes in these products can replace minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are lost when sweating, during training.

The combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes not only provides these valuable nutrients, but continually supplies the muscles with the glucose necessary to maintain performance. The greater the intensity and duration, the greater the amount you need!

After physical activity

Nutrition after physical activity has two functions: to recover what was lost during the activity and to prepare you for the next workout. That is why you need to focus on consuming quality protein and carbohydrates. Protein repairs and regenerates muscle, which is very helpful in increasing lean muscle mass. The type of training you do will determine the necessary carbohydrate to protein ratio.

Protein can be obtained from whole foods such as chicken or fish; however, many people do not like to eat right after a vigorous exercise session, and it is not always easy to calculate your protein intake from food. Protein shakes are another practical option to include after physical activity. Regardless of the type of physical activity you do, it is important to consume the shake right after finishing physical activity! The shake can be made with protein derived from dairy products (whey or casein) or from plant sources such as soy.

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