Seeds, liver and kefir: 5 most unusual but effective ways to strengthen immunity

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One of the main reasons why the human body succumbs to a lot of bacteria is the lack of vitamins and some trace elements. Be sure to add some foods to your menu to boost your immune system.

Pay attention little to eat right to enhance the body’s defenses. It is important to change your life radically – get rid of bad habits, start playing sports and get enough sleep. A simple base that can bring very good results. True, it requires some willpower and motivation. But, back to nutrition.

The World Health Organization recommends consuming at least half a kilogram of fruits and vegetables daily. And, if you watch the videos of food bloggers, then among those who look young, fresh and slender, there are just lovers of a varied, but very vitamin menu. These people add more fresh vegetables and fruits to their diets, making amazing salads, smoothies and side dishes.

We present to your attention the 5 most interesting products that will help you survive in the winter-spring period.


In childhood, not everyone loves kefir, but at an older age you begin to realize that it is very useful for the gastrointestinal tract, which means you need to buy it more often. Fermented milk products, by the way, are an invariable part of the menu in maternity hospitals and departments of hospitals for pregnant women. For example, in one of those, where expectant mothers lie in storage, every evening before going to bed, the cooks in the corridor put out a large bucket of kefir or yogurt. And this is a long tradition. As for modern research, according to scientists, probiotics from kefir not only have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, but also help strengthen immunity. Kefir, at the same time, should be from whole and fat milk. In this case, the drink will contain many trace elements, as well as vitamin D, which is important for the immune system.

beef liver

Not everyone loves the liver either. Someone considers it the remnants of the main meat products, such as hearts, kidneys, etc., and completely in vain ignores dishes from the liver. Not only are they very tasty and satisfying, they also contain a lot of zinc, which is almost the main element responsible for protecting the body. In the first place, by the amount of zinc, by the way, oysters, but they are more often served on the table in coastal areas. Zinc helps the body create and activate T-lymphocytes, which are responsible for the battle against harmful viruses.


Fresh seeds of crops such as sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame, etc. are a storehouse of vitamin B6, iron and magnesium. If you use them more often, then there will be less inflammation on the body.

chicken broth

Many people know that chicken broth is good for colds. Game contains a large amount of vitamin B6, and he takes an active part in the creation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Bone broth contains gelatin and chondroitin, which help to soothe the stomach and repair tissues. It is no coincidence that when a person is seriously ill and can no longer eat anything, they give him chicken broth. Thanks to this hearty and nutritious dish, many patients literally climbed out of the other world. The broth is also recommended for women in an “interesting position” during a difficult period of toxicosis. It happens that toxicosis torments the expectant mother so much that she cannot eat anything and goes to the hospital under droppers. Droppers usually help, but sometimes sitting on a nutritious chicken broth for a few days is enough to restore strength and get used to the fact that life was born inside.

Green tea

Teas are known to be sources of antioxidants, and the green variety contains theanine. This amino acid is associated with the work of T-lymphocytes, which are fighting dangerous viruses. Theanine, by the way, is found in some types of energy drinks along with caffeine. It tones and adds strength.

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