SEGA revealed that it will create new games with the Unreal Engine 5 game engine in the future, and promote large-scale games containing a variety of 3A-level works-mashdigi-technology, new products, anecdotes, trends

Announced at the end of last year to cooperate with Microsoft, it will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform as a future game development environment to buildLarge-scale game works for the global marketSEGA Executive Vice President Uchikai Shuji inRelevant interview contentrevealed that the future will beUnreal Engine 5 game engineCreate new works, and at the same time will create 3A-level works based on multi-platform and multi-language versions in the same framework.

Uchihai Shuji expects to attract more players’ support with game content beyond the conventional design, and to meet the needs of global gaming experience through cooperation with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

In addition, as explained earlier, SEGA will also further deploy cloud games. Through streaming, players from all over the world can easily play various game works, and at the same time, more game works can be promoted to the global market. At the same time, through the introduction of the Azure cloud platform service, SEGA is more expected to be able to move the development environment to the cloud, making it easier for development teams located around the world to integrate development content, and to create more diverse online games through Microsoft cloud services, or through Game works operated by cloud services.

Just as game companies such as Square Enix focus on the development trends of new technologies such as the Metaverse and NFT, SEGA will also invest in the development of such trends, but will be more cautious in future development strategies.

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